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Topic: Hate bad sample library demos

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    Hate bad sample library demos

    I really hate when developers create demos for their libraries where the instrument the recording is supposed to demonstrate is buried deep within a full orchestration that sometimes is even built from some other completely unrelated libraries (?) Or when the demo is occupied mostly by some useless voiceover *describing* the library!? WTF? With demos like that I usually conclude that they don\'t really want you to hear the samples as they simply won\'t hold up to scrutiny.

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    Re: Hate bad sample library demos

    Making demos are hard!
    I think that we developers should think and think again on how we make our demos.
    A good demo sells samples, a bad demo can kill a product. That\'s the facts.
    Now, what is a good demo? If you have a talented composer/arranger/MIDI wizard, he/she can probably make almost anything sound good, just as Jimi Hendrix would have sounded great even on a cheap guitar.
    What do you think, should a demo of, laet\'s say, a piano be just single notes running up and down the range in different velocities or should it actually be a proper tune?
    What is ok and not to use on the demo. Is it ok to use the tools of the trade like reverbs, compressors, EQ and such, to make a good production, like you would \"in real life\", or should the demo be dry and unprocessed?
    A while ago, I tried to launch the idea about sending in midi files that I could render to a mp3 using a certain library, but the idea didn\'t turn out well, very few where interested.
    So, here I am, I\'m a developer.
    I\'m soon gonna release the White Grand, a piano that all who actually tested it goes completly ballistic (in a positve way) for.
    How should I convince you, the potential customer, via a demo, that this is the product for you?

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    Re: Hate bad sample library demos

    I\'d like to hear very simple cadences played--just moving back and forth between C and F major chords and letting the notes ring out would tell me a lot about the sound for a lot of music.

    And it would be nice to hear it play the Moonlight.

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    Re: Hate bad sample library demos

    What I would like to hear when evaluating a library is this:

    1- A dead basic absolutely unprocessed demo of the instrument playing scales across it\'s entire range (provided it\'s a solo instrument) and possibly simple chord progressions demonstrating the decays and different velocity layers. Very boring yes, but informative.

    2- Any number of additional demos featuring the instrument alone (without any additional processing or ANYTHING) playing musical pieces in different styles as appropriate.

    3- Any number of additional demos with any additional instrumentation and processing provided everything that was used is clearly indicated.

    Since online demos are often the ONLY way to evaluate a library before buying I\'d say they\'re pretty critical.

    Many times I feel some demos are really quite useless. Even deceitful. Will I go: Oooh, this library sounds so good as described here in this posh British accent. I\'m buying! NOT!!!

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    Re: Hate bad sample library demos

    I actually think voice over from the SAM demos have been quite usefull. It tells you exactly whats being used, and then lets you hear it without processing.

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    Re: Hate bad sample library demos

    Originally posted by KingIdiot:
    I actually think voice over from the SAM demos have been quite usefull. It tells you exactly whats being used, and then lets you hear it without processing.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I always suspect and fear they pick out the three best sounding notes for their demos. That\'s what I would do.

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    Re: Hate bad sample library demos

    I think they go through most if not all the articulations

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    Re: Hate bad sample library demos

    One of the best demos I have ever experienced was one Toontracks makes available for Drumkit form Hell Superior. You can download zip files of seperate multitracks of each unprocessed drum instrument (inluding seperate ambience and overhead miced tracks) in mp3 format to import into your multitrack audio application! This was tremendously helpful as I was able to experience first-hand the mics bleeding, etc. I was even able to see how effects work on each track. It definitely convinced me to buy it. Here\'s the link: http://www.toontrack.com/demos.shtml

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    Re: Hate bad sample library demos

    Its pretty rare to only have 3 \'good notes\' in a library.. Usually (if they know what they\'re doing, which is usually the case) if the demo sounds convincing the library is sure to measure up to it. Actually, there are a lot of libraries that have demos that don\'t show off the capabilities enough, and some that you just can\'t show off with... Dan Dean Ensemble French Horns for example is probably now my favorite horn library, but the demos IMO don\'t show its capabilities nearly enough.

    To me, even if a library neat good all on its own, thats not enough. Obviously, you\'re going to use it in context with other libraries - so a demo that compliments other libraries is much more important. If you\'re so hell-bent on hearing the instruments naked, request that just the solo track be sent.. yeesh.

    Buying sample libs can be a risky business - I\'ve wasted hundreds of mucho dinero on libraries that I onced used, but no longer used. Usually not because of the sound, but how difficult it is to use, or how much memory it gobbles up. I mean, if you got all kinds of money and time to invest into your music, than I guess it wouldn\'t be a big issue. But most work a lot, and fairly quickly, so easy and effective programming is crucial - which isn\'t the case in all libraries. So the only way I could see \'deceit\' in sample lib demos is if a live instrument was used without mention, and/or the demo took XX,XXX hours in editing time to achieve realism... Other than that, you get what you hear.

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    Re: Hate bad sample library demos

    You don\'t get what you hear when you buy for instance a solo strings library whose demo includes ensemble strings, horns, woodwinds, percussions plus reverb, to state an obvious example.

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