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Topic: ULTIMATE & ROLAND string demo

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    ULTIMATE & ROLAND string demo

    I posted a classical string demo using the ULTIMATE strings with the ROLAND strings for those interested (part of the 3rd movement Bruckner\'s 3rd). The tremelos are Ultimate. As others on the forum have said, there\'s some good samples on the ULTIMATE collection which I bought recently for $99.

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    Re: ULTIMATE & ROLAND string demo

    Ah, forgot the download site. Sorry about that.


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    Re: ULTIMATE & ROLAND string demo



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    Re: ULTIMATE & ROLAND string demo

    This was very nice!

    One suggestion (and this goes for others as well). I have a large collection of mp3\'s and when I hear something I like and I want know who it did it, I hate seeing \"Unknown Artist\" when I play it. This does nobody any favors or credit.

    Important Safety Tip: If you have WinAmp, play your new materpiece, hit Alt-3 \"View File Information\", fill in the data, save it, THEN post it.

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