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Topic: Latest Work (mixing Diva, Atmosphere, and Stylus)

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    Re: Latest Work (mixing Diva, Atmosphere, and Stylus)

    Hey Chris,

    I listened to the track and I\'m curious why you are choosing such a depressing sound for the end credits? Am I to understand then that the end of the game doesn\'t resolve...with the Earth being destroyed?

    The track sounded more like the \"game over\" or \"title screen\" theme rather than the ending credits. I wasn\'t too fond of the repetative VOTA motif...maybe mixing some lower vocal registers in harmony below the lead. Or starting with a male chorus in octaves below the female lead with a chant sound of the motif and then building to the the female lead. Also, the female lead really seems to cut too much through the mix, kinda harsh sounding.

    I love the Atmosphere textures in the background. I would suggest playing around with harmonic textures with atmosphere...it can really sound beautiful or scary if that is what you are after...try a nice dissonent chord.

    I would also reccomend exploring the percussion sounds more. Don\'t be afraid to try some wierd things...maybe contrasting the percussion rhythm against your vocal motif...or trying more unusual sounds...mallets, church bells...strange ethnic instruments...I think the percussion can really set the mood for a piece.

    I hope you don\'t mind my critisisms...I think you are on a strong start! I am an avid gamer and as such a tough critic for game scores.

    Keep up the great work!


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    Re: Latest Work (mixing Diva, Atmosphere, and Stylus)

    Nice job, Rick.

    What did you use for the bass?

    -- Martin

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    Latest Work (mixing Diva, Atmosphere, and Stylus)

    The last couple of months have been saturated with new orchestral samples but my latest project doesn\'t get to use any of them.

    This track is an end credits cue for a game to be release 1st quarter 2004. The setting is in the future and the earth has been destroyed. My idea was to write a futuristic \"dirge\" featuring a simple repeating motive with the rhythm and texture changing around it.

    Samples used: Diva (although this will be replaced by a singer singing the lyrics), Atmosphere, Stylus, and heavily processed VOTA.



    if that doesn\'t work, go here and click the link.


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    Re: Latest Work (mixing Diva, Atmosphere, and Stylus)

    Edward: The game as a whole is very dark. The earth is destroyed in the beginning and you\'re fighting to survive your own destruction. So it\'s not until the end of the game that you really get to mourn the loss, thus the \"lament\" I was trying to capture.

    Martin: The bass is one of the Moog presets in Atmosphere. I love the punchy attack it has and its capability of playing melodic lines.

    Boy, if I had a dime for every time someone called me Rick [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Latest Work (mixing Diva, Atmosphere, and Stylus)

    Thanks Chris. Sorry about that [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    I really did see that your name was Chris and was ready to type it right up until the moment I disengaged my brain.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Latest Work (mixing Diva, Atmosphere, and Stylus)

    I guess you could get away with a more somber tone in the music, considering the plot...I am just thinking of the player...they\'ve probably just spent countless hours battling through the game. You should reward them with a little more substance in the piece...perhaps a longer melody. And more dynamics...Isolate just the DIVA solo and nothing else for a couple repititions of the melodic line then bring in an Atmosphere pad for a repeat then a male VOTA choir w/ percussion together for a final 4 repeats as a climax to the piece.

    I tend to loop phrases in my music quite a bit so variety in dynamics and voicing has always proven to help my compositions come more to life.

    What works for me after I have laid down all the tracks is to go back and set a four, eight or however many bars for the melodic line to loop and then to solo each voice, adding additional tracks in different orders...It works as a good way to brainstorm for new ideas.

    Just some ideas.


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    Re: Latest Work (mixing Diva, Atmosphere, and Stylus)

    Funny - I don\'t see him asking for a critique... just \"enjoy\"... and that I did. Nice work.

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    Re: Latest Work (mixing Diva, Atmosphere, and Stylus)


    I love it. That right up my ally. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Good job dude!

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    Re: Latest Work (mixing Diva, Atmosphere, and Stylus)

    BTW: What the hell is Diva?

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    Re: Latest Work (mixing Diva, Atmosphere, and Stylus)

    Sounds great...be sure to let us hear the version with final vocal!!

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