The key to a good relationship is being a good listener. And good listening is a two way street.

This means that when I tell you that RealiBanjo is amazing and you should buy it, then of course you should do exactly that. Because you want to be a good listener, don't you? Of course you do.

And naturally, we at Realitone want to hold up our end of the bargain, too. Which means that when you email us with your demands, errr suggestions about new features you'd like, then we're all ears. Because we're good listeners, too. That's why the ladies love us!

Especially if those ladies also happen to love banjo, because we've incorporated some of these user suggestions into a RealiBanjo update! Sure, you probably thought it simply wasn't possible for RealiBanjo to be even more super-awesome than it already was. But thanks to you (and thanks to our amazing listening skills!), we've managed to accomplish exactly that.

For starters, we've added a swing function to the pattern player. Honestly, I hadn't even thought of that until people suggested it. Not only that, we also aded a "humanize" function. Now RealiBanjo sounds so dang lifelike that you'll be trying to figure out how we got that little man in there!

We've also added options to play patterns at double or half speed. See what happens when we listen? Not only that, we made some other minor tweaks, including making the animated dog walk out even when you change chords every bar. (He used to only come out if you'd hold chords at least two bars. Oops!)

So how much are we charging you for this amazing update? It's free! (Don't tell my wife. She thinks I don't charge enough for this stuff.) If you own RealiBanjo, you should already have an email with the info you need for this update.

But what if you don't already own RealiBanjo? (I know that sounds crazy, but such people really exist!) Then get yourself on over to and click that Buy button, because we're bringing back the $29 price! That's half off!

Check out this YouTube video for an overview of the new features: