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Topic: Noise

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    I\'m having a problem with noise - and it\'s nothing to do with it being Nov 5th (Bonfire Night here in the UK).

    I have an Audiophile 2496 going straight into a Behringer Ultra-Graph Pro into a (don\'t laugh) Spirit Notepad mixer out to a pair of Mackie 824s. When I turn the output up on Giga it sounds great - until I start playing above mf. If I turn it down, I eliminate the overload through the mixer but then have to turn up the output which adds more hum and hiss. What can I do? Do I need a compressor? Or another desk with more headroom. Or should I use my digital outs ... etc

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    Re: Noise

    Giga is a very quiet programme, but it\'s also got an unusually wide dynamic range - the downside of which you\'ve just discovered.

    Nemesys kept the output level of an individual voice low so that when you go from 1 voice to 160 simultaneously you don\'t get distortion within the program.

    Other synth/sampler manufacturers actually compress the signal at the output stage - this makes the level difference between a few voices and a lot of voices much smaller, but you lose dynamics.

    It may not be such a bad idea to think about some compression or limiting (depending on which approach you prefer), but try to put it as early in the audio path after Giga as possible, otherwise you\'ll be lifting the noise floor of whatever else is in the chain.

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    Re: Noise

    I see. Wouldn\'t it be great if GigaStudio had a proper EQ and reasonable compressor built in? I could quite easily do without DirectX compatibility if they\'d only work on expanding the number/tweakability of NFX effects.

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