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Topic: Sample modelling techniques

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    Sample modelling techniques

    I had a look at their website, due to the great piece Haendel's Watermusic (other thread). Look here, who is that guy. That guy and another made the solo violin and ditto cello no longer available due to some...... Anyway those instruments had to be withdrawn from the Garritan Product List. An eye-opener? Who knows.

    What a world!


    Company Information

    Giorgio Tommasini

    Giorgio Tommasini holds a medical degree "magna cum laude" from Milano University, and had an illustrious career as a clinical cardiologist, researcher, and head of the Cardiovascular Division of a 400-bed Hospital. His pioneering research, mainly oriented on applications of computers in cardiology, and witnessed by more than 150 scientific papers, patents and presentations at internationational Meetings, led to new methods for quantification and treatment of myocardial infarction, new techniques for detection of silent ischemia and automatic quantification of coronary narrowings by intelligent image processing, and the invention of a revolutionary, 3D approach to coronary angiography. More recently, his research was devoted to the development of new strategies for relieving pain and anxiety in the setting of acute and chronic diseases.
    As a musician, he played guitar and bass in various groups of the fabulous Sixties. He became interested in samplers as accompaniment for his music in the mid 1980's. Very unsatisfied by the lack of expressiveness of all available sample-based instruments, he began to think of methods capable to overcome this limitation. The "Harmonic alignment technique", and the "Determination of modal resonances and the impulse response of an instrument by analysis of pitched sounds" (in collaboration with Stefano Lucato), were the first results of this new research in an entirely different field. For the first time it was possible to crossfade from pp to ff , and from senza vibrato to vibrato, with continuity and no phase artifacts.
    These techniques were applied to "The Stradivari Violin", and "The Gofriller Cello", created in collaboration with Stefano Lucato and Gary Garritan.

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    Lightbulb Re: Sample modelling techniques

    Yes I had the chance of meeting Giorgio Tommasini and Gary Garritan in Frankfurt Musikmesse 2005, and we started being good friends, they were developing the Stradivari solo violin and I've been betatester and supporter of the instrument for a long while (maybe somebody still remember my demos or tutorials for version 1, version 2 and finally the cello).
    We still are good friends and I still make beta testing and demos for Giorgio, Peter and Stefano.

    Still I consider the solo strings amazing and I was using them a lot in my old works. I quote an old post:

    "The Stradivari solo violin with Gofriller cello were a bit fragile as solo instruments, but still incredibly realistic (listen to the solo), and they were giving a realistic touch to every serious string ensamble, like first chair or solos.
    Below some pretty old renditions I did:

    http://www.box.com/s/07e8a408c53915e758be solo violin (Paganini's Capriccio n1)
    http://www.box.com/s/1e6c06e7f8de4ff42108 string quartet (my arrangement of Christmas tune)
    http://www.box.com/s/a2cc3bc62cf29eb9afb0 with GPO (Bach's 2 violins concerto)
    http://www.box.com/s/4a2eae39f0b8d1e25b49 with Kirk Hunter Chamber Strings (Grieg's Holberg Suite)
    http://www.box.com/s/8433dd9e4ad43f58bfdf with VSL Chamber Strings (Mozart's Eine kleine Nacht Music)

    And I still use them!!
    https://app.box.com/s/4emhadc9xl4eb9kxjlnt 2 violins and Cello (my arrangement of Bach Goldberg Variation 2)

    The brass instrument made by SampleModeling with Kontakt player are simply incredible. Listen to the professional demos for understanding, but I posted the result of just playing them live on the keyboard with the Korg Nanopad controller for expression and vibrato:
    https://app.box.com/s/ixkmp5jsnj76il6kryro Gagliarda of Demantius

    The SWAM winds are also interesting. I did a professional demo for the Clarinet:
    https://app.box.com/s/193vyd6ct2b31s8jgc7l Mozart Clarinet Concerto. (the orchestra is VSL + SampleModeling)

    Sounded promising 8 years ago... and some of the promises were implemented. Unfortunately for Gary and his supporter community not all the ideas were developed by Garritan.

    The instruments of today make the isntruments of 10 years ago sound like toys... I hope to be still there and active in 10 years to use what will make the instuments of today sound like toys

    all the best

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