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Topic: Hey, Nuno -- I need your help re: VOTA UTIL

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    Hey, Nuno -- I need your help re: VOTA UTIL


    Sorry to be a pain, but the problem has persisted with trying to get the VOTA utility to install on my machine.

    I feel like an idiot. I hear several third graders just recently got the program to work on their setups.

    I run the setup -- and then nothing. For a long time -- like overnight. Maybe I\'ve downloaded an old version? Maybe I\'m trying the Commodore 64 version? Maybe I should just learn to sing? Maybe I should stop asking rhetorical questions?

    Please contact me via this forum or an email to info@videohelper.com.

    Again, thanks so much for offering. I\'ll send you my firstborn as payment.

    - Stew
    VideoHelper Inc

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    Re: Hey, Nuno -- I need your help re: VOTA UTIL

    Don\'t worry...

    I will send you the files by mail, to do a manual setup.

    PS - You can keep your firstborn [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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