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Topic: OT - Need free ftp for 2GB file (One time use)

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    OT - Need free ftp for 2GB file (One time use)

    I have to send a 2GB mpg file to someone. This is much larger than the files I normally send and all my usual methods of file transfer are ineffective.

    - My ISP limits email attachments to 10MB.

    - My free Hightail (formerly yousendit.com) account limits me to 250MB per upload and wants my charge card number for a free trial of their upgraded service. (I have been the victim of identity theft before, so I never send charge card info online).

    - My GoDaddy hosting plan includes painfully slow ftp storage up to 10GB. It took about an hour and half for me to upload the file, although my upload bandwidth supports transfers up to 5GB/second. When I finally got the file on the server, it blocked permissions to download and then wouldn't let me remove the file when I gave up on it. (Nobody knows why. Their techs are working on it.)

    I am sending the file as a favor, so I don't want to spend money on service upgrades -- especially since it is unlikely that I will ever have to transfer something this large again. My paying clients give me WAN access to their servers when needed, and we are never working with files this large anyway.

    I guess what I am looking for is a free alternative to Hightail with a file size limit over 2GB. If there is such a thing, I would appreciate it if someone would let me know as soon as possible.


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    Re: OT - Need free ftp for 2GB file (One time use)

    How about https://www.box.com/?

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    Re: OT - Need free ftp for 2GB file (One time use)

    You can't share files that large with a free account at Box.

    But there are several free services that will work for you, ejr. I initially set up Dropbox specifically for sharing large files. The free account goes up to 2 gigs for files shared through their desktop app. Look around at their info, it looks like free accounts may be larger now than when I got Dropbox a couple of years ago. This is one of most preferred FTP replacements:


    Something else free and commonly used nowadays is Google Drive. I had someone who needed to get large files to me and he shared them that way. They apparently now give users 15 gigs of free space:

    Google Drive

    FTP is for the most part an out-moded protocol now replaced by those services and others like them.


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    Re: OT - Need free ftp for 2GB file (One time use)

    Can you send files with any of these without requiring the recipient to install an app?

    I am currently trying sendthisfile on my other machine, but their web site says they are intentionally slowing the transfer speed and it's taken about 40 minutes, so far, to upload just the first 130MB of my 2GB file.

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    Re: OT - Need free ftp for 2GB file (One time use)

    Quote Originally Posted by ejr View Post
    Can you send files with any of these without requiring the recipient to install an app?...
    Search Engines are our friends, ejr--I've looked up information to make sure I steer you right, but the information online for both services I mentioned explains everything you need to know.

    Here's what Dropbox says - "...links (which aren't synced) allow recipients to view and download folders and files as local versions on their computer..." And that's WITHOUT them needing to install Dropbox. If you're sharing a folder/file with a collaborator who needs the ability to edit the contents, then they need to have Dropbox. But if you're just sharing a file to be downloaded, you simply send them the link which goes to the Dropbox cloud where the data is stored.

    I'll add that anyone working much online these days needs to have these kind of services. When the person I mentioned earlier wanted to share something through Google Drive, I gladly added the service so I could use it myself. Same with Dropbox. When I got the invitation, I set it up - both of these take hardly any time to add, and then you have great free services that make life much easier.

    But - no, the person you're sending this file to isn't forced to get an account with either service, as long as you simply want to share a file, and not have the recipient be an actual collaborator.


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    Re: OT - Need free ftp for 2GB file (One time use)

    Try wetransfer.com

    You only need your email address and the receiver's.

    It allows to ship up to 2Gb for free
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    Re: OT - Need free ftp for 2GB file (One time use)

    Thanks for your replies. I did happen to stumble onto wetransfer, shortly after my last post. I was able to upload my file and it did take quite a bit longer than I thought it should have (my ISP's upload transfer rate is 5GB/sec, wetransfer was giving under 500MB/sec, tops) but this is still considerably faster than sendthis file. If I need to do this again, I'll take a closer look at Drop Box.

    I do use search engines. But, for something like this, I wasn't getting many hits of side-by-side comparisons and, when I did and was able to confirm that a free version could handle the size of my file there was no mention of how long it would take to upload. With the ftp to my GoDaddy host, the transfer rate started out slow and then seemed to stall after about 40 minutes. When I checked the server, it said that it had closed the connection (no reason). I was able to upload it on the second try, but then couldn't download it. Sendthis file slowed to a crawl and seemed to freeze after the first 140MB.

    (I note all this here, just in the hope that it will save the next guy who has this problem some trouble.)

    Allegro Data Solutions

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    Re: OT - Need free ftp for 2GB file (One time use)

    Cubby.com is a good Dropbox alternative, with more space for free. The good thing of it is that it allow to you to sync only the folders you want, and place them anywhere. Is like dropbox but more flexible. And you can use it along with dropbox (never you have enough space, isnt?)
    Marcelo Colina

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