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Topic: Final Fantasy VI - Terra's Sorrows (Awakening)

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    Final Fantasy VI - Terra's Sorrows (Awakening)


    Well, here is my next video game arrangement. This time it is from Final Fantasy VI. It is a piano and choir arrangement to, "Awakening." The arrangement is meant to be dreamy, reflective, and to portray the sadness in which Terra (Main Character) faces during the game.

    Libraries Used:
    - Emotional Piano (Soundiron)
    - Micro Choir (Soundiron)

    *I have found the piano library that has replaced my beautiful Black Grand. I am really loving the Emotional Piano. It fits my type of music, and it is going to be extremely useful on my midi Keyboard (still practicing! I get in at least 30-60 mins a day).



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    Re: Final Fantasy VI - Terra's Sorrows (Awakening)

    Very pretty, Richard. I can understand why you wanted to do an arrangement of this Nobuo Uematsu piece. The dreamy melancholy of the music is certainly right up your alley.

    With you so busy with all of your own projects, I didn't expect to see you having time to also work on someone else's music. You're a busy guy, there's no doubt about it.

    I'd never heard of this "Emotional Piano" so Googled it up. Good heavens, $150 for yet another sampled piano. You certainly have a budget for what you're doing! It's a nice, semi-muted piano that sounds warm and mellow in your recording, and on Soundiron's demo page - But it seems like you could get close enough to the sound of this new piano by using a bit of EQ on the Black Grand ($140!) you've been using, rolling off some highs, boosting some lower frequencies. But then, the difference between sampled pianos has always been too subtle for me to appreciate. Gimme some samples that go "plink" and I'm good to go.


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    Re: Final Fantasy VI - Terra's Sorrows (Awakening)

    Hey Randy, thanks for the listen!

    I pretty much spend most of my time outside of work ether working with music or on LOE, more so music. I will literately spend from morning until sleep time working with my projects (excluding work hours mon-fri).

    Indeed, I have been going library crazy this last little while, I did break the piggy bank . I am on a quest, but also been working six days a week for the last little while to make spare cash. There are few things that I like about the Emotional Piano over the Black Grand. Keep in mind, the Black Grand is still a beautiful Piano, although I only purchased the close mic version for 50, I didn't get the full perspective (close, medium, ambient). However, here are the following perks:

    The Emotional Piano loads much faster and doesn't take up much ram. The type of sound it gives is naturally recorded is and a bit wider and cleaner than the Black Grand. Overall, to my ears, I just like it a tad bit better, but both are good libraries.

    EDIT: Also, there are more velocity levels than the Black Grand. Either way, both libraries are good and will have their use. For the melancholic scores the Emotional Piano fits better. However, the Black Grand is brighter and can fit a more bright uplifting track, nice and bright! So I guess in conclusion, they are both supreme, but fit different parts.



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    very nice production. I think you extracted the most out of those sounds, congratulations. The reverb is dreamy, and never blurred.

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