I\'m listening to the Stones\' Between the Buttons on LP and thinking about the mid-term elections we are coming on. What a farce. What ticks me off is the fact that I\'m driving through downtown LA the other day and there are something like 10,000, literally, people crowded around with anti-Davis (incumbent governor) signs over around Olvera St. and they looked pissed. I have not read a thing about it in any newspaper. The only stuff you read in the newspapers about this race is first a scandal about one and then the return scandal about the other one... It\'s gotten to be \"Which criminal would we like to govern our state?\" Though the LA Times ran that cover story about the Green guy Camejo when he gets \"uninvited\" to the debate by Davis...OK just kind of ticked off...I\'m voting Green.
Californians - Don\'t forget to get to the poles tomorrow. We have to vote otherwise it\'s not a democracy and I\'ll be damned if we have ever needed it more! [img]images/icons/blush.gif[/img]