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Topic: another place and time (classical guitar)

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    another place and time (classical guitar)

    This is a very new piece that I finished a couple of days ago. It uses my favorite nylon string guitar library 'Ilya Efimov'.
    Please give it a listen. Thanks, Jay.


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    Re: another place and time (classical guitar)

    It's a gentle, interesting piece, Jay, which has a very fresh feel to it - Not knowing what would come next, I gladly surrendered myself to the experience of just listening and enjoying. The guitars sound great.


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    Re: another place and time (classical guitar)

    I LOVE that guitar sound! It's been a while since I've listened to a nice classical guitar solo, and this didn't disappoint. Pity I don't have Kontakt, or I'd be saving for that guitar for sure.

    Thanks for posting
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    Re: another place and time (classical guitar)

    Thanks for the listen Randy! I was finally able to get myself back into writing for classical guitar. It has been a while since I wrote something new. Just for the record, this can be, and is, being played by one guitar. I make very sure that it is playable for one instrument.

    Hey Owen! Thanks for listening and commenting. I very much like the sound of a nylon string guitar and I think that the library that I used represents it very well.

    Thanks to you both. Jay

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    Question Re: another place and time (classical guitar)

    Hey, well done... how did you input the track? was it editing tempos or with some real time recording + editing?

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    Re: another place and time (classical guitar)

    Thanks Fabio! I created a midi file from notation software and then imported the midi file to Sonar. In Sonar, I edited the tempo, note accents, and overall dynamics. This technique, along with the great sounding library helps make a more realistic sound. Jay

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    Re: another place and time (classical guitar)

    Hello Jay,
    Lovely piece, great sound. I admire your many-faceted talent, from jazz to this (other time), it is a delight to hear your work.


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    Re: another place and time (classical guitar)

    Hey Ted. Thanks for the listen and the nice words. I try to vary the types of things that I write just to keep my interest up. Thanks again. Jay

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    Re: another place and time (classical guitar)

    Hey Jay!

    Nice piece here. The guitar sounds great. It is an upbeat tune! Thanks for the share!



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    Re: another place and time (classical guitar)

    Hey Richard! It is much appreciated that you took the time to listen and comment. Thank you for that. Jay

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