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Topic: Overdubbing made simple?

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    Overdubbing made simple?

    (I orginally posted a similar question on the Software Issues forum, but received no response, so I\'m trying again here. Sorry for the duplication.)

    I would like to hear what methods people are using to overdub either samples on sample-based tracks or live input on samples. For instruments, what sequencers are good for adding another track while listening to an existing track? (Which sequencers are good for this? Any to beware of?)

    I\'ve been trying to do this in Sampltude (a great program), but am running into unexpected issues. I\'m confused by how to set up all the necessary connections. The sample player\\recorder has to be connected to a sequencer, as a vsti instument, I guess, and then the soundcard must be set to both play and record at the same time. I have a \"full duplex\" card, and in fact have two cards, but don\'t seem able to do what I want. I can hear the recorded track in Samplitude (Samplitude\'s Record while playing thing is set correctly) and hear myself playing over it after I click on Record,
    but no new track is recorded.

    I guess I\'m asking both for procedues and for suggestions about the value of specific programs for overdubbing: is it more simple in one sequencer than another? Do some programs have features that make overdubbing easier or better? I know many people on this forum use Cubase. Does it make overdubbing more straightforward?

    Thanks for any information. Sorry if the many questions seem confused. (They are...)

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    Re: Overdubbing made simple?

    Hi Jake,

    I use Logic. Generally I record a MIDI track first. This allows me to tweak the performance, correct timing, delete wrong notes, etc. Once the performance has been improved as much as I can I\'ll record it as audio, by simply muting everything else and recording what comes out of my Giga machine.

    The actual hookup is where things sometimes get confusing. I need to make sure that my audio card is set to receive SP/DIF with the correct sampling rate and bit resolution. If you\'re hearing audio, but can\'t record then something\'s not set right. You\'ll get more help if you include your complete hardware amd software spec.


    Steve Chandler

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    Re: Overdubbing made simple?

    \"Is it more simple in one sequencer than another?\"

    There\'s probably not much between the majors. They will all do what you want to do. Keep in mind that non VSTi instruments which are computer based can be difficult to integrate into your sequencer\'s audio recording environment depending on you soundcard. It\'s all down to getting your initial soundcard and routings right, as you\'ve found out.

    If you know Samplitude, I\'d persist with it and try to get someone to give you a tutorial on recording with it, rather than switch and learn a new interface.

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    Re: Overdubbing made simple?

    Thanks. I have Samplitude Project 5.5, and for cards have both an Audiophile 2496 and a EWS-88D. All I need to do is overdub. Do I need to physically patch between the cards?

    My impression is that either of the two cards should be play and record at the same time. Doesn\'t seem to work, but that may be because I don\'t have the software set up correctly. There are so many settings (in Giga, Samplitude, Windows Control Panel\\Mulitmedia, the Windows sound control in the lower right corner of the interface, the control panel of both sound cards) and so little information that I\'m afraid I could spend months trying all the variations, only to do a very basic overdub. Anyone have experience with these cards and this software?

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