You must have version 2 of VotA installed on your computer. Then install the VotA word building utility. Now you need to update VotA to 2.1. Use the .art files located in the folder that the utility installs. The folder that contains the 2 .art files is called \"Voices of the Apocalypse.\" You can find the folder in program files>quantum leap>voices of the apocalypse. The 2 files you are looking for are called \"mens choir\" and \"womens choir\". Start up the gigastudio editor ( not gigastudio itself, just the editor). Load the mens or womens choir. Then choose \'load articulation\' from the file menu. Locate the gender appropriate .art file, and load. Then save the .gig. This will take a few minutes. Do the other gender the same way, and then close the editor. Start up the Voices of the Apocalypse utility help and read it twice, then start up the utility, and then gigastudio.