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Topic: impOSCar Demo

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    impOSCar Demo

    For the guys here that like analog synth sounds you should check out this...

    It\'s very cool. Worth having in the arsenal I would think.

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    Re: impOSCar Demo

    Atmosphere is one great soft machine. I love it. Reaktor is too CPU intensive for me as I use Logic and a Mac as well.
    I think impOSCar will find it\'s way to my set up as soon as I have some cash.
    I am enjoying this demo. Might be as cool as the CS-80.

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    Re: impOSCar Demo

    Hey Jaime,
    I too, am more than a bit tickled by the demo. Demo\'s like that are excellent salesmanship. I think it\'s a no brainer at 199$. Plus it is one hell of a sexy interface. So far it appears damn stable in OSX/Logic which I crave. Reaktor is more than a bit hinky ...
    I also downloaded the demo for Tassman. Some seriously rich sounds there too. Add to that, Morphology, which is interesting to me despite the Kompakt engine, and I have many synths options on top of Atmosphere which is forever on my list. [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

    This could come to rival my sample addiction...


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    Re: impOSCar Demo

    impOSCar does indeed ROCK!

    One of my favorite synths these days....I\'m getting some amazing sounds out of it.


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    Re: impOSCar Demo

    Well... That, right there, is one hell of an endorsement!

    thanks for chiming in Eric [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    look forward to your news in a couple of days


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