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Topic: my third demo

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    my third demo


    this is my third GS demo. I would like some feedback, big big critism I suppose.


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    Re: my third demo

    Pretty piece Petn. Several things that could be improved. Seems like the balance between the melodic instrument, (what is that?) and the rest of the orchestra is out of proportion throughout the whole piece. The strings could be played a little more realistically seeing as how the end of the violin phrases are cut off too quickly. In the beginning section where the violins first come in, start the violins softly and build in. The piece, compositionally, sounds good, but it lacks realism.

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    Re: my third demo

    Thank you for the comments, A_Sapp. Nice suggestions, I\'ll try to improve...

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    Re: my third demo

    (I forgot, it is clarinet.)

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