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Topic: PMI Bosendorfer on EXS24 not good

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    PMI Bosendorfer on EXS24 not good

    I loaded the PMI Bose. into my EXS24 sampler on Logic Audio Plat. Ver 5.2. It seemed to load well. The sound is very disappointing to say the least. I can\'t find anything that I can use. I understand it was made for Giga but I have loaded other samples that worked well. I write all kinds of music from classical to rock. I use alot of music in a church setting. I have the Steinway from ultimate Piano that hands down blows the PMI away. I assume it is the EXS24 that is causing the problems. The sound is very far away and when I turn up the volumn it becomes distorted. It also sounds like an echo or maybe very faint double notes. It is very hard to play with consistent volumn.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Jim Heffinger

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    Re: PMI Bosendorfer on EXS24 not good

    You mean besides using GigaStudio?

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    Re: PMI Bosendorfer on EXS24 not good

    ahhhh.... yes!

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    Re: PMI Bosendorfer on EXS24 not good

    Try adjusting the mod wheel. On some programs (instruments in Giga-speak) it controls the release time. Can make quite a bit of difference.

    With respect though, some samples will translate well to other platforms, and some won\'t. For example, some Akai samples translate well into GigaStudio, others don\'t. This has been well documented.

    It\'s worth getting GigaStudio, in order to realize the full potential of the PMI pianos (and some of the other excellent pianos available for the Giga platform). Pianos is one of the things that Giga excells at. (That, and big-*** orchestral stuff!)


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    Re: PMI Bosendorfer on EXS24 not good

    I can\'t believe that the forum software censored my post (directly above). It actually censored a three-letter word, beginning with the letter \"a\" and ending with the letter \"s\". Talk about anal!

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    Re: PMI Bosendorfer on EXS24 not good

    Sounds to me like you\'re not hearing sample layers that you should hear, like a dry and a far sample mixed (you just hearing far).

    EXS itself doesn\'t convert GIG mod wheel information.

    Perhaps try a 3rd party converter like CDXtract. It can read many formats and also go from GIG to EXS.


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    Re: PMI Bosendorfer on EXS24 not good

    The PMI GRANDIOSO Bosendorfer 290 (as any other Gigasampler library) is designed for GigaStudio.

    No matter how hard other software houses shout that their products are reading Giga format I would say: the result is what counts.

    We are aware of the EXS24 issue (and some in Unity Session) and I would just say these programs are not Giga-compatible enough to read the content of our library.

    Until these software producers come up with a better import tool (...) to read giga we will give support (and native versions in other software samplers formats) to our registered users for free!

    Michiel Post

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    Re: PMI Bosendorfer on EXS24 not good

    Does anyone know of a demo version of gigastudio that I can try? I have two Giga libraries, Garritan Strings and the PMI. The strings are ok on the Exs24. I love working in Logic with the Exs24 intergration, it make life easy most of the time.

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    Re: PMI Bosendorfer on EXS24 not good

    Mr. Post,

    I just bought your Bosendorfer samples and was hoping to run them in EXS24. Did I understand you to say that you would provide an EXS24 version of the samples for free to registered users? If so, that is great and how do I obtain them? (I have not yet received my order, it should come soon though).

    Cliff Stevens

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