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Topic: Some quotes about the White Grand

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    Some quotes about the White Grand

    Just wanted to share some quotes from people who have tested the White Grand:

    \"The White Grand is the best piano sample I have heard. It sits beautifully in a mix, as well as alone. It actually sounds alive!\" - Paul Linford; film composer, mixer, programmer for Trevor Rabin

    \"I had no idea a sampled piano could be this good. It was as if someone told me they had a guitar, and what they showed me was a \'54 Strat.\" - Trevor Rabin; Film Composer, Guitarist

    \"In the professional world we don\'t have time to waste in the studio, so when I need an acoustic piano, I always start with White Grand - it just works. It\'s presence and brightness is hard to achieve with other piano samples\" - Jermey Whaley; producer, composer, musician

    \"Probably the very best pop/studio piano that has ever been released. In terms of its evenness and playability, and its consistency of presence from pp to fff, I think it is the best piano sample that has ever been released, period.\" - Bruce Richardson; composer, sound designer, music-technology guru.

    Releasedate te 15:th this month. First formats will be Gigastudio and Kontakt. Kontakt version are available in both 16 and 24 bit versions.
    Shortly followed by HALion and later, EXS24 Mark 2

    Price $195
    More info and demos, SampleTekk

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    Re: Some quotes about the White Grand

    Impressive ! Certainly something to be placed on top of my wishlist.


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    Re: Some quotes about the White Grand


    Very nice sounding grand!

    A few questions, though:

    1. What \"brand\" is the piano? It might be me being blind, but I couldn\'t find out about it on your page.

    2. With 32 layers, doesn\'t polyphony become an issue with this instrument? For example the Rachmaninov demo you posted earlier, how much did that eat up on GS160?

    3. Any chance for a demo patch? (like a C-maj triad or so) [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Some quotes about the White Grand

    Worra--I remember the original demos posted, and they sounded great. I couldn\'t find any demos at all on the page for the White Grand, though. Am I looking in the wrong place?

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    Re: Some quotes about the White Grand

    Oops. I found them, in the middle of the description. Really enjoyed the opening to
    O Tannebaum. Was that all verb added or an ambience set of samples with a little verb?

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    Re: Some quotes about the White Grand

    The White Grand is a fantastic effort. I didn\'t provide that quote lightly. Everyone should be darn proud of Worra. He has accomplished something with this instrument. Having witnessed some of the process, I can say he went into it with a really smart design and that the results are no accident.

    I think the most descriptive thing I can say is that Worra did for this piano what Scarbee did for his Rhodes and Wurlie. He captured its tactile essence as well as its range of expression, in a way that you can predictably play and control. You hear it, and you feel it under your hands. It is a pleasure to play it...addicting.

    In fact, I reset my SL-880 to the #2 velocity curve, just so I could really enjoy the velocity coverage. I\'ve only played it on GigaStudio. On Giga 2.5, the included GSP file loads it across four ports to handle all of the velocities. On Giga 3, it will be frightening.

    By the way, no worries on polyphony on my Athlon 2600/1.5GB/WD 7200 (8mb) box. The count will get up there sometimes, but because the White Grand uses null samples to handle the split across four files, Giga is smart about not going back to the disk for that data. In essence, it\'s moot to the engine as far as I can tell.

    It will get extremely bright, but it never gets brittle. The release samples are nice, bright, and present...no ambient content in them, but much good string-damping sound. In fact, I send them to a separate DSP station pair, just so I can crank \'em up a little more. The instrument is a 9\' Malmsjo, and it is extremely rich sounding, but definitely mic\'ed for transparency. It is, as Sam said, a piano which makes no bones about its purpose. That said, it doesn\'t just equate pop with \"bright.\" It has a very complete range, so much so that you can play a single note, starting soft and going gradually louder, and you can climb the overtones like a ladder, hearing each partial come in as you go. Ted Cruz (those who live near NYC owe it to themselves to hear this guy) was in the studio last week, and he played it for about an hour straight. He was very enthusiastic about it (and I lined up every Giga piano in the box for him). He was particularly impressed with the range of expression and control in the low end, and I certainly agree with that assessment.

    This is not a recital hall piano. It is not woody or attack dominant. It has no ambient mics. Yet it is not particularly stuck in your face. What is wonderful about it is that the imaging is rock solid from every aspect, at every dynamic. The significant depth of sampling really pays off in nothing ever sounding too bright or dark for its relative loudness. You never get the feeling that the piano is coming towards you on loud dynamics or receding on soft ones.

    To be flat-out honest, I didn\'t want to like it at first. I tend to like darker pianos. But part of my adjustment to the instrument was realizing my controller was leaning towards the higher velocities when I really wasn\'t playing that hard. Once I changed my curve, and cleared out my expectations a bit, I played the White Grand for several days and really got it under my fingers. I really started digging it, and loving the feel. Then I loaded up some of my other favorites, and found myself a little shocked that they were a bit less controllable and flexible than I had imagined them to be. I went back and forth between many different pianos. This one will actually play quite dark if you stay out of the forte-fortissimo range. It has balls for days on grooves, and it comps well in the background, yet will let you pop right out front when it\'s time to put your jam on.

    This is a piano I\'d call an absolute go-to on pop, jazz, and just about any rhythm section work. But you may find, as I have, that it does a whole lot very well. I love the feel. Works great on stage. It all boils down to what I gave Worra as a quote. You\'ll find that this is one of the best on the market in so many respects, and the absolute best on the market in just as many others. For sure, anyone who plays piano or uses them very much should put this piano right at the top of their \"must have\" list. It is a nice accomplishment, and it couldn\'t have come from a more generous contributor to our forum and sampling in general.

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    Re: Some quotes about the White Grand

    Sounds wonderful Worra. Certainly on my wishlist.

    How do you sqeeze 32 recorded sample layers into 3.5 gigs? Is there some kind of compression?

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    Re: Some quotes about the White Grand

    Hi Worra,

    What bass did you use in the first White Grand demo? Is it samples? I found myself listening to that as much as the piano (which BTW does sound really nice).

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    Re: Some quotes about the White Grand

    The piano is indeed the Malmsjo, it\'s a great instrument, and big (9 feet) from the mid 20\'s. It has a really, really beautiful tone and great range making it ideal for different types of recordings. That\'s why I like to record it. You simply can do so much with it!
    As Bruce says in another post in this thread, 32 velocity layers, (well, 36 with releasesamples included...) works well since Giga has this great little feature called \"mask\". So, you don\'t really use up more velocity if you have a 8, 16 or 32 layer note.
    About the demo, I\'m afraid it would kill all my bandwidth... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] but it\'s a good idea, and I\'ll think about it.

    The demo has some reverb on it.

    Sam & Bruce (and all other who have helped me with this piano). I\'m the one who are greatful!

    Ed: No, there are no compression

    The bass are the upright bass that came with Kontakt. Sounds pretty good!

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    Re: Some quotes about the White Grand

    Originally posted by Jake Johnson:
    Oops. I found them, in the middle of the description. Really enjoyed the opening to
    O Tannebaum. Was that all verb added or an ambience set of samples with a little verb?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Hey Jake, that verb was added. It was a quick deal and I just threw some verb from my O1V to the piano because I didn\'t want a totally dry sample. The samples are completely dry and very easy to work with. I\'ve had a blast working with them [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I\'m about to start another instrumental album and I\'ve told Worra he can post those songs as demos for WG. Should start appearing around the middle/end of Feb.


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