I don't know what it is... but it appears that I am addicted to pianos and strings . This is a short video I put together showing the different strings from my current libraries.

Libraries Used:
- Sonivox Exressivo Strings (Dimension Pro Patch)
- Full Strings (GPO)
- Lush Sordinos (GIO)
- Full Strings (Vienna Symphonic Strings)
- Full Strings (EWQLSO - Silver) *Had to combine all section because there is no full string patch

Each string sound come with its own unique style of sound that fits different types of genres. Here is my perspective:

Sonivox Expressivo Strings:
Deeper and darker than the rest and works well with darker and more sorrowful themes. Very expressive strings when it comes to melancholic themes.

GPO Strings:
Lush, heavenly, and brighter. I think these are extremely great for fantasy and magical-like themes. Angelic-like.

GIO Lush Sordinos:
LUSH, very lush and smooth. I think the GIO lush sordinos are extremely useful when layering and creating a full rich body of sound.

Vienna Symphonic Strings:
A well balanced overall sound. Not as deep and rich as the sonivox strings nor is it as lush as the GPO or GIO strings, but still works great in keeping the perfect middle.

EWQLSO - Silver Strings
I didn't really like the sound of these too much. They seem too light and not warm at all . Just my opinion. They would be useful to practice with. It is what I started with besides soundfonts.