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Topic: Linux based keyboard sampler links

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    Linux based keyboard sampler links

    Ran across these two sites related to the company that was asking for input from developers at NAMM for their Linux-based, Giga-compatable softsampler.

    This is the company\'s site, with pictures and specs of the keyboard (the softsampler seems to be intended both as a standalone product and as a program that will reside on the 80 gig hard drive of the keyboard:


    This is a four page thread from the Synthzone forum in which the company\'s owners discuss the keyboard (Six thousand dollars was the last price I saw):


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    Re: Linux based keyboard sampler links

    For $6000.00 I can put together 5 or 6 very decent GigaStudio/Native Instruments/Vegas Video/Porn/Ect.. machines.


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    Re: Linux based keyboard sampler links

    I\'m actually writing this post from the keyboard you mentioned :-) (I\'m one of the software developers)

    It\'s not on sale yet, and as mentioned a prototype will be show off at NAMM.
    Of course it\'s much more expensive than a PC + softsampler but besides an Athlon 2000-3200 based PC it contains quite a bit of \"iron\" like multiple DSPs, a 24 way analog stereo mixer matrix, assignable faders, wheels and 170+ buttons with 3-color leds etc.
    arranger/style player section, dual media players with high quality pitch shifting/time stretching (for DJs). These are a few stretching/shifting examples I made the other day:

    The Mediastation\'s X-76 goal is to be very flexible and suitable for both on stage performances and to act as a fully portable studio too, with audio/midi sequencer, sampler (LinuxSampler) and powerful software synth.
    There is no limit to the software that can be put on the keyboard and the company\'s policy is to keep updates and new applications free. Basically you connect the keyboard to the internet, press update and it updates and adds the latest audio/midi applications both those that are freely available and those that are developed inhouse.

    It\'s a high end keyboard, perhaps not for everyone but it\'s just like Ferraris sell well even if many of us cannot afford it (at least I can\'t :-) ).

    We are going to redefine the landscape of musical keyboards. In future it will be hard for big keyboard makers to justify $4000-$5000 for keyboards based on outdated embedded CPUs, minuscle amounts of RAM, limited polyphony etc. We will see ....

    Anyway the good thing is that Lionstracs funds opensource audio applications (including LinuxSampler) and this will benefit the \"poor\" audio freak too.

    If you are interested come to try them at NAMM at Music Industries Corp. booth #4334 Hall C.


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