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Topic: Zelda III - Stay Strong and Brave (The Dark World)

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    Zelda III - Stay Strong and Brave (The Dark World)

    Well, I have been on a roll with video game arrangements for the last couple of weeks. This is my fifth one completed. This is an arrangement from one of my favorite tunes (Dark World Theme) from Zelda III - A Link to the Past. I love video game music!!!

    Libraries Uses:
    - Garritan Personal Orchestra (Trombone, Tuba)
    - Garritan Instant Orchestra (Timpani)
    - Vienna Special Editions (Violin Section, Viola Section, Staccato String Ensemble, Pizzicato String Ensemble, Concert Flute, English Horn, Oboe)
    - Drumcorps (Percussion)



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    Re: Zelda III - Stay Strong and Brave (The Dark World)

    Quote Originally Posted by sururick View Post
    ...I love video game music!!!...
    Oh really? hehe.

    Richard, that second section around the 1 minute mark sounds kind of off, like there are some wrong notes in it? The end of that phrase, around 1:09- that Oboe/English Horn note really sounds sour. Maybe the kind of tricky chord changes aren't being supported enough to make it clear what's supposed to be happening, but that section (which of course is repeated later) just doesn't sound right to me. The transition in the first part also sounded off to me at first, but I played it a few times, and that seems OK, it's just kind of a difficult chord progression at that point.

    This got me curious to hear other versions, so I found the original on YouTube, and that helped me, since it's simpler and those sections I'm talking about are more clear:

    Dark World a Link to the Past

    And you've probably heard this, but this is a pretty spectacular modern orchestration of Zelda music:

    The Dark World - The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Special

    --I've started my day listening to game music. OOOh Noooooooooo!


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    Re: Zelda III - Stay Strong and Brave (The Dark World)

    Thanks for the listen Randy! Glad to see that you got a good start of the day with video game music!!! :P Video game music (older game music) is my favorite .

    I just listened to the composition again with fresh set of ears. I couldn't find the "off" part it seems to sound clear to my ears. not sure if it is just that the composition is melted into my head or my ears are broken lol.

    Beautiful shares Randy. I have indeed listen to that 25th anniversary version of zelda music. A true beauty! The original is also epic!



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