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Topic: Intimate EWQLSO Gold demo and more

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    Intimate EWQLSO Gold demo and more

    I am working on some EWQLSO Gold demos for Namm. I did a soft, intimate one called \"Pioneers\" and there\'s another one called \"A Noble Act\", which is from a trailer. I am curious what you guys think? You can download the mp3s here.


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    Re: Intimate EWQLSO Gold demo and more

    Hi Nick,

    Nice work, although perhaps you borrowed a little too much from Horner\'s \'Legends of the Fall\' for Pioneers, heheheh! Anyway, good to hear Gold in this context. The strings sound really nice as do all the other instruments. I\'m waiting to receive Gold anytime now. Looking forward to it!



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    Re: Intimate EWQLSO Gold demo and more

    The beginning of \"Pioneers\" really remembered me of \"Legends of the Fall\" [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] . Both are very nice but I liked more \"Pioneers\"!!!

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    Re: Intimate EWQLSO Gold demo and more

    [QUOTE] \"A Noble Act\", which is from a trailer.

    Forgive my ignorance. The Noble Act. Did you write that yourself?

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    Re: Intimate EWQLSO Gold demo and more

    Yes. I wrote that for a trailer. Pioneers is a sort of a long rambling Horner ripoff, written just as a demo of the softer side of EWQLSO. I used alot of version 2 emotional programs, which will soon be released for Gold users.

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    Re: Intimate EWQLSO Gold demo and more

    Fantastic string sound. Sordinos? I am loving Version 2.

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    Re: Intimate EWQLSO Gold demo and more

    Great work, nice pieces. As far as \"realism\" goes -- if that\'s an issue -- Pioneer is almost perfect.

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    Re: Intimate EWQLSO Gold demo and more

    Thanks Rob and Delfberg. I listened today with fresh ears and will probably do a few small tweaks on Pioneers.

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    Re: Intimate EWQLSO Gold demo and more

    \"A Noble Act\"

    Nick, great cue....but you know....this is the first time I\'ve heard QLSO strings sound average. The low strings in the intro are great, but the higher lines that come in with that repeating line sound no better than my Rolands from a decade ago. What gives here? Would they have sounded better in the Platinum set?

    The brass, perc, harp, all sound great as I expected. Probably the best horns I\'ve ever heard. And the harp is that distant, soft sound that I\'ve been looking for forever.


    Strings better but still not as strong as I thought they would be.

    Everything else cool, trumpet tone very strong but perhaps it was just the figure it was playing, but you could tell it wasn\'t real here and there.

    The strings at the end sound better (just before the harp bits) but it almost sounds like you layered a string patch with more vibrato on top of them and something in the pitch made me look up ...

    The ascending string lines near the end, and the woodwinds that come in there...are just wonderful.

    So again, it seems with this library, like all before it, it depends on what you\'re playing figure-wise, the dynamic, and the register.

    Great writing as usual.

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    Re: Intimate EWQLSO Gold demo and more

    A noble Act was a job, done quickly and I thought it sounded fine, but you might be right about the strings in the beginning. Really it has do with what articulations and dynamics are used. The sample world allows you to use a loud dynamic softly and vice versa. Violas versus cellos etc. orchestration and so on. Anyway I have no plans to revisit that one. But I would like to use Pioneers as a demo, so I am tweaking the strings right now and it\'s sounding better. I\'ll post it tomorrow.

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