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Topic: A.Dvorak "New World" symphony Largo excerpt

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    Cool A.Dvorak "New World" symphony Largo excerpt

    Hi dear friends, I accept the invitation of Randy of sharing my music with you, even when it's not Garritanized.

    This is a work in progress demo featuring a blend of VSL SE and SampleModeling instruments, powered by VSL MIR Pro24 virtual stage, edited in Cubase Artist 7.

    NOW LINK TO CANDIDATE FINAL VERSION (not 100% perfect I know, but perfection is not of this world )

    Largo, English Horn Solo

    Comments and questions are wellcome.

    all the best

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    Re: A.Dvorak "New World" symphony Largo excerpt

    Thanks for accepting the invitation, Fabio! It's so much better when Forum members keep sharing music, regardless of the sound source. And when there are non-Garritan instruments used, it's very helpful to know exactly what they are, as you've done in your post - thanks for that.

    This New World excerpt is such wonderfully sublime music - And your virtual orchestra rendition of it is simply fantastic. I think it should be impossible for anyone who uses software instruments to not be inspired by your work.

    Thank you so much.


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    Re: A.Dvorak "New World" symphony Largo excerpt

    Dvorak's 9th Symphony is one my most beloved piece of music, especially this 2nd Movement: one that can make not being able to compose anything for months after listening.

    So, thank you Fabio for the opportunity you give us to listen to it again.

    Your reading of this work is first class, as usual. I really liked the orchestral passages, the blend of the winds (those horns! those clarinets!); to me the English Horn solo deserves more work in terms of "depth" and expression— you see, I am a demanding listener.
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    Re: A.Dvorak "New World" symphony Largo excerpt

    I found this to be soothing to the heart. Nice, relaxing, and peaceful but with a tint of sorrow (at 1 min 52 sec). I liked this a lot. Thanks for sharing!



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    Cool Re: A.Dvorak "New World" symphony Largo excerpt

    Thank you all.

    Randy, the work you did with the forum is great. I feel your passion in every post and decision. Even moving from official-sponsored status of the past to the likely unofficial and community managed future. Appreciated.

    Fabio, the fact you are a "demanding" listener makes me so happy! And of course I agree with your point: several interpretations follow the Dvorak suggestion of Largo = 52bpm. That give the speed you should expect and you are recommending.
    Some other were following a more wide and romantic tempo, (that fluctuate between 35 and 50bpm) to enphasize some dreamy athmospheres. I just used a kind of intermediate solution to have "space" to show some of the timbrical and expressive details of the virtual instrument different from standard sample libraries. Anyway I got your point and I definitely agree.

    Richard, yes for a composer it's a touching piece of music. One can't stay cold in front of the beauty of simplicity: little ingredients for an amazing result. The guy did know about orchestra, didn't he?

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    Cool Re: A.Dvorak "New World" symphony Largo excerpt

    It's challenging to manage perfection vs. imperfection in all the virtual renditions: if it's too perfect it's not sounding realistic, but the imperfection of the real thing is not trivial at all to replicate

    I just did my best...

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    Re: A.Dvorak "New World" symphony Largo excerpt

    Fabio! I just finished giving this a listen. It has a very mellow, authentic sound to it. I am quite impressed with the realistic render that you did on this. This is an inspiring post. Jay

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    Re: A.Dvorak "New World" symphony Largo excerpt

    Quote Originally Posted by Fabio View Post
    .....if it's too perfect it's not sounding realistic....
    How true!

    But I think your best was good enough. The opening brass harmony sounds really, really good: beautifully convincing pp. The english horn line is immaculate, too. There might be a bit of a "blending" issue. Sample modeling instruments are always very detailed, and the horn here is much more detailed than "brass masses" and "strings masses".

    .. on the other hand, I do love that english horn attack sound.

    ... on yet another hand, It was a bit of time I did not listen to this. What a classy composition this is. So superbly elegant.

    Thanks for posting.


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    Re: A.Dvorak "New World" symphony Largo excerpt

    Thank you Jay!

    Thank you Fab!

    With all the comments and suggestions I always get improvements and motivation.

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    Re: A.Dvorak "New World" symphony Largo excerpt

    Hi Fabio,

    Simply outstanding: Your rendition and performance, the orchestral blend and balance, the overall sound and a magical English horn. There's nothing more to say about the timeless score that hasn't been said already, but you took the challenge to open it in a virtual world (a brave new world) and you did extremely well. As a user of VLS SE, I certainly admire your handling of these instruments.



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