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Topic: Announcing GPO AUDITION

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    Announcing GPO AUDITION

    Announcing a new interactive tour of the instruments of Garritan Personal Orchestra.
    This flash presentation lets you hear some of the instruments in the GPO orchestra in an interactive way with a zooming orchestra map.

    You can view the GPO Audition here:


    Broadband is recommended to view the audition.

    Thanks to James Mireau who did the flash programming and rotoscoping. James also modelled and filmed himself conducting for the Audition.

    Also, there are many new demos and works from users on the GPO site.

    This GPO Audition is an ongoing work in progress and will be updated from time to time. I invite GPO users to submit instrument demos for future inclusion in the Audition.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Announcing GPO AUDITION

    Whichever orchestral library you\'re using, you gotta admit that Gary Garritan invests lots of time and effort into his product and website and genuinely seems to care about each individual customer (or prospective customer). Thanks much.

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    Re: Announcing GPO AUDITION

    Man. I want to love this library so badly. I just can\'t stand those violin stacs.

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    Re: Announcing GPO AUDITION

    Hi Gary,

    Fabulous presentation! And meets my requirement to quickly hear the instruments solo.

    I\'m stuck on 49kpbs dial-up and easily navigated the site and heard instruments without long loading times. Somebody did some very cool things with internal web design techniques.

    Thank you.

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