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Topic: How does AKAI-to-GIGA conversion work??

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    Re: How does AKAI-to-GIGA conversion work??

    Akai\'s sonetimes use slightly different configurations of the exact same sample set for different \'instruments\' (slightly different keymaps, tuning etc.,). This will cause most conversions to create different .gig files which contain the same samples.

    If you merge gig files which you think contain the same samples, you end up saving the space wasted by duplication of samples, and the instruments are still available individually through the + button next to the file name in Gigastudio.

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    How does AKAI-to-GIGA conversion work??

    I have been wondering about this for a long time. Whenever I convert, there are a bunch of separate files created and I get the impression that velocity mapping is screwed up. Am I missing something? Also, AKAI stuff always seems to have a file with a .crm and a .menu extension for a given instrument. What on earth does that mean? I am just trying to figure out how to properly use converted AKAI disks.

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