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Topic: Stupid Sound Tricks - How to Replicate the Voice Used by Stephen J. Hawking

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    Stupid Sound Tricks - How to Replicate the Voice Used by Stephen J. Hawking

    I was looking for a way to replicate the synthesized voice used by Stephen J. Hawking for a play I am writing with a character based on him. Amazingly the answer was only two clicks away from a Google search on "Stephen J Hawking voice".

    The first is a link to a freeware app that lets you generate the voice:


    The second is to a youtube video that shows you how to use it:


    Isn't science cool?

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    Re: Stupid Sound Tricks - How to Replicate the Voice Used by Stephen J. Hawking

    --Hmm, well I got excited for you, ejr, finding what you need for your project, - but I'm not understanding a few things.

    The Zero2000 site has a rather bad reputation, "unsatisfactory" according to the Website-Rating site, and the software you're using from them isn't a "freeware app" at all - It's a 30-Day Trial with these posted listed limitations for the trial version:

    The "Speak from Cursor" command is disabled.
    The "Speak Selected Text" command is disabled.
    All the Controls Tags are disabled.
    Watermarking for the audio output.

    How are you using it without purchasing it--?

    Windows has voice built into it, and last I listened to it, the result was smoother than what I heard on the YouTube link you posted.

    I used a text to speech effect in a play I directed way back in 2000 and it sounded just as good as this. I was surprised that the results, at least on the video, aren't any better here in 2013.



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    Re: Stupid Sound Tricks - How to Replicate the Voice Used by Stephen J. Hawking

    I actually hadn't tried to use it yet, as it will be quite a while before I need it. I just downloaded the software after watching the video and wanted to share my "find" with the rest of the community.

    Your comment about the site having a bad reputation discouraged me from using the software. I don't use trialware or shareware. Either I buy it or look for freeware. This is definitely not something that I am going to have a lot of use for, so I am not looking for anything that isn't free.

    Your idea about using one of the Windows voices is a good one. I hadn't thought about that. But what I am really after is a voice that sounds like the one Hawking uses, not just any synthesized voice, so it will hinge on whether Windows has a voice that is reasonably close to his. The voice he uses came from a telephone answering machine made in the seventies. Hawking never changed the voice because it became so identified with him. For this reason, I am not looking for anything "smoother" or more realistic than that.

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    Re: Stupid Sound Tricks - How to Replicate the Voice Used by Stephen J. Hawking

    Quote Originally Posted by ejr View Post
    I actually hadn't tried to use it yet...
    Hi, ejr - Thanks for the clarification. I thought you had already used this - Sorry to burst your bubble.

    But what you want to do has to be possible, you just need to throw your net wider to see what you can find.

    Here's something I just Googled up and it looks promising. As soon as I looked at it, it made me remember how years ago I found that AT&T Labs had made tools for this available for free. This is definitely worth looking at:

    Make Robot Voices using free software

    NOTICE - When you use that page's link to AT&T and change the voice to "Mike" as he suggests, the demo text is read, but it sounds more natural than you want.

    Go to the bottom of the page, click Next, and follow the rest of his instructions. He's showing how he used tools in Audacity to edit the results to get the robotic voice effect. Tweaking your own version of that might get what you want!


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