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Topic: The Dramatic War - Demo (Symphonic Portion)

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    The Dramatic War - Demo (Symphonic Portion)


    Well, I am getting good ground on my upcoming album, "The Dramatic War - Salvation," an album that focuses on Love and War and the struggles of the world we live in.

    A little while ago I shared a demo to the main theme of, "The Dramatic War (2013)." This is the symphonic string passage that will transitions afterwords. All in all, the composition will be around 15-20 minutes once completed. This passage will be expressing on the reality of war... on how destructive and sorrowful it is. This passage is based on the Holocaust.

    Libraries Used:
    - Vienna Appassionata Strings (Included with SE Strings Volume 2)
    - Olympus Micro Choir (Soundiron)

    *It's super cool we can embed soundcloud in here now! It saves the hassle of making a video of every composition shared!



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    Re: The Dramatic War - Demo (Symphonic Portion)

    Quote Originally Posted by sururick View Post
    ...It's super cool we can embed soundcloud in here now! It saves the hassle of making a video of every composition shared!...
    It's a very nice sounding version of this "Dramatic War" passage, Richard.-- I don't mean to be redundant, but as I've said before, I've yet to know of a war which isn't "dramatic." I'm sorry, but I find the title weak, and probably not conveying what you intend to most people.

    I pulled the quote out because, also as I've brought up before, I've never understood why you always post YouTube videos of your music when MP3 posts would work just as well. People use DropBox, directly linking to the audio, and I'm pretty sure that's with a free account. I use Box, but I think you have to have a paid account to directly link to audio there--I'm not positive, I've paid my $5 a month for so many years now.

    SoundCloud we've been able to link to as long as SC has been around. PaPaChalk recently showed us the code of how to make the SC player show up directly in a post, and that's cool, but linking to a SC page has always been available and easily done.---

    Besides the puzzling aspects of your post, I'm glad to see your projects, with all these multiple versions of your themes, are all coming along.


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    Re: The Dramatic War - Demo (Symphonic Portion)

    Hey Randy! Thanks for the listen! I haven't tried box yet, but just getting familiar with the cloud for the last little while so I figured I'd give it a swirl. I knew of soundcloud before just never used it. Having the embedding feature is just awesome as compared to sharing a link. Youtube embedding was already implemented here before. I just like the embedding features (personal preference) as compared to links. The title "The Dramatic War" may seem weak, but it holds two important words for what I need to describe my music, "Dramatic and War." Both words portray scenarios. Dramatic doesn't have to always mean war, and war doesn't just mean guns and WWII. Both words can portray several different perspectives. So the, "The Dramatic War," isn't just expressing on WAR (as in soldiers, WWII, etc). It expressed on everything. The dramatic struggle of emotions, the dramatic struggle of coming through a difficult world... War, bringing in WWII and our human nature... but also the WAR against love and hate. The war of trying to get better.. fighting through depression, fighting a war of corruption. I hope this helps explain things a bit better. I am not just using WWII or WAR as we know it, but I am portraying I am portraying the entire picture. Dramatic and War to describe the big picture of humanity and the world we live in.



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    Re: The Dramatic War - Demo (Symphonic Portion)

    Don't mind me, Richard - I'm just being a grumpy old man. Embedded or linked makes no difference to me at all--Both kinds of posts look perfectly fine to me. EXCEPT, that for a long time now there's been some tug-of-war going on between my computer and my sound interface, so that I can only very rarely watch videos at YouTube. I get a loud, prolonged burst of white noise usually, and within the first few seconds. Every time I've listened to your music, I've needed to download it first, and then listen.-- See how much I want to hear? Once I've downloaded, then the videos play fine in my media player (VLC)-- But for me, with this peculiar computer problem that my tech can't figure out, - a simple link is much to be preferred.

    As for the "Dramatic War" title - I'll shut up about it after this. To me, the word "dramatic" lessens the importance of the war. Like I said earlier OF COURSE the war, ANY war is "dramatic," but it's a word that can only come up, as far as I'm concerned, if one is watching from a distance and rather passively. "Oh my, what a --Dramatic war!"-- To me it goes without saying that war of any kind is "Dramatic" - The word is just so theatrical, and not strong enough - War is traumatic, is horrific, it's destructive and demonic - All those things are "dramatic"- War is Always dramatic--That's all I'm saying. To me the title is like if something were to be called "The Pretty Music" "The Sad Ballad." It's stating the obvious, and sounds so much weaker than what I know you intend.

    HA! I said I'd shut up about it. OK - I mean starting now, after this post.


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    Re: The Dramatic War - Demo (Symphonic Portion)

    Randy... HAHAHAHAHA! LMAO!!!! Okay... okay... now that you put the "Sad Ballad" and "The Pretty Music" into this. Hahahaha god lol that made me laugh so hard! Perhaps maybe I can work on a different title. It would be moving away from the original. What title could I come with to replace it with... something that will stand strong on its own and describe it all. I have matured as musician since I first composed the original, and you have definitely taught me a lot since being here. So maybe the big change will be good.

    That sounds like you have a computer problem. When is the last time you have done a reformat? I do this all the time, about every 6 months. Did youtube worked before? How are you with computers? What is your level of knowledge? Perhaps I could help you solve this. I have fixed problems with computers since I was weeee lad and destroyed my fathers computer which ran dos. I agree that would be a pain in the butt to always have to download the youtube video. What steps have you tried so far?

    EDIT: also, how old is your hardware (soundcard, motherboard, etc)?
    EDIT2: Also, thanks for the kindness in listening to my music. If I post a video I'll also post the soundcloud link too, I appreciate that you went through all of the troubles this entire time to listen.



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    Re: The Dramatic War - Demo (Symphonic Portion)

    Quote Originally Posted by sururick View Post
    Randy... HAHAHAHAHA! LMAO!!!! Okay... okay...
    Well, thank you for being so tolerant of me and my gripes, Richard. But please remember, what I said about your title is only my personal opinion. NEVER change anything because of one piece of feedback. Even if you get a number of people agreeing with a criticism, still proceed with caution before changing something you've done. I never take anyone's advice! LOL!--well, not quite true-But it's extremely rare for me to change something because of what other people think. - "War" "The War" "The PURPLE War"--it's your project. Name it how you want and don't listen to me!

    Quote Originally Posted by sururick View Post
    ...That sounds like you have a computer problem...What steps have you tried so far?...how old is your hardware (soundcard, motherboard, etc)?...
    Thanks for your interest in the problem, Richard. In brief, here's the story:

    --The computer, 6 core, 8 GB RAM, 64 bit, AMD 3.00 GHz Processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTS450 video card, W7 Home Premium, was custom built for me two years ago. It still works great, lightning fast, the best machine I've ever had.

    --I bypass the onboard sound card and use my Alesis i|02 interface, which is fairly old now, but has no problems. Working with music as I do, I need the ASIO drivers that don't work on the consumer grade sound cards on motherboards--as you know.

    --side note on ASIO drivers- I'm sure you know that one limitation of them is that only one thing can use them at a time. If you're going back and forth between DAW software and an audio editing program, for instance, the programs have to politely give control of the driver back and forth to each other. When I'm working in Sonar, and want to get online for something, the browser usurps the driver, and unfortunately, ever since a Firefox upgrade some time back, it doesn't relinquish the driver back to Sonar. I have to always close my browser down completely in order to get back to Sonar work. -- Just bringing that up as an illustration of ASIO hassles.

    --FROM DAY ONE I had the problem of not being able to play online videos. The most godawful burst of white noise you've ever heard kicks in right away, a few seconds in, or half way through. Other times, the sound just starts getting garbled and distorted, growing worse until it completely takes over.

    --The techie who built my machine had never heard of such a thing, had no idea what to do. BUT he'd never dealt with external audio devices, and so when I suspected some sort of conflict with my interface, he didn't know what to do about it.

    --Many months later, I finally fixed the problem. It had to do with the DANGED Permissions and Ownership BS on Windows. Geez I can't stand that stuff. It's MY computer, and I want full control of it! When the guy was putting the computer together, I asked him to please set it up so I had as much control as possible - and he promised something he couldn't deliver on. He said I would be the supreme Administrator and I wouldn't be blocked access to anything, and I wouldn't have any problems related to all that crap. Wrong - There are still folders I'm not allowed to see - AND this video sound problem is due to all that.

    --The fix was to give ownership and control to of the video card to Me, the one and only user, the administrator, the Master of the Danged Universe!

    --problem--- When I upgraded Nvidia a couple of months ago (which I Had to do for my video editing software to work)--the old problem immediately came back. Obviously ownership reverted away from me - HOWEVER-- when I try to reclaim the card - this time, there's no change.

    Somehow this upgrade made my old fix not work. In the Device Manager, to disable the four NVIDIA High Definition Audio devices listed makes no difference. Enabled or disabled, all sound functions the same, including the video sound issue.

    If I was using the computer's sound instead of the interface, there wouldn't be a problem.

    More I could say - But, that's basically the situation. If you have any ideas, you could PM them to me, Richard, so your music thread doesn't stay bogged down with this off topic issue. Thanks again for your interest. At this point I've just gotten used to having to download anything I really want to see at YouTube. sigh.


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    Re: The Dramatic War - Demo (Symphonic Portion)

    Randy! Stop molesting our friend! Richard wants a Dramatic war? So, Dramatic be it!

    Ok, ok, just joking!

    I liked this, very much. The sound is absolutely spot on and blends perfectly with the emotions inspired by the piece, "heavy" and... aehmm... well.... DRAMATIC!
    And the texture of the music is right on topic, too: right rhythm, sparse, parts very accurately moving.... I love this.

    A bit of "transition" issues on those strings, maybe... they might be more flowing ... but, hey, who cares, the sound is super.

    Thanks, Richard.


    Randy: that's why I hate my EMU card, I NEVER use it. I route Overture to "DirectSound" so I can have any audio I want even if I am scoring. Sonar, on the other hand... does take possession of my PC, but there's nothing anyone can do about it . (I run it through Asio4all)

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    Re: The Dramatic War - Demo (Symphonic Portion)

    HAHAH LMAO!!! LOL!!! Thats quite dramatic! I agree, with you an the EMU, I have the EMU-1212 PCI. It wan't that great in my opinion. I could onlyu really work at 44-48khz 24 bit with it and I kept on getting odd loud noises which would sometimes even crash the computer. I never had that problem with my previous soundcard the Audigy 2. However, since I got a new computer which only has pci-e slots I was never able to use it. Funny thing is, with this onboard soundcard I can work at 192khz 24bit without any problems lol. It is preforming a h*ll of a lot better than the EMU-1212 ever did. I am using the MME option with sonar and I can also play sounds from all other programs. Very handy as compared to the EMU. Thanks for listening to the composition, glad you liked it! I love string and choir pieces myself.

    Well, hehe, it is tough decision.. having the name for so long and then changing it. I can see the positives and negatives. As you said it could be stronger, but it would be change... LOL I'm scared of change... "hurdles up into a ball and hides under the desk." I looked over the stuff you wrote and indeed that is a MESS. You had the problem since day one and it only works with proper user rights. However, even though you set the setting like you did before it still doesn't work after installing the video drivers. Have you tried just selecting the entire windows folder and sub folders and giving full permission using the properties? I remember having MEGA problems with WINDOWS 8 wwith user rights and I just assigned the entire C drive to everyone can have all rights, LOL. It was such a pain... Now I am back with Windows 7... DON'T GO TO 8, if you have problems now, you will have more on Windows 8. I am going to continue to analyse this and perhaps come up with some more detailed help. Gotta get your YOUTUBE WORKING! I'll send you PM when I can come up with some tactics!

    One question though, are you comfortable messing around with computers? Any experience at all beyond the basics?



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    Re: The Dramatic War - Demo (Symphonic Portion)

    I think I will have to agree with Randy that the title does not really work.

    As for the music, I am going to have to track down the other parts to see how it fits into the rest. Standalone it does not do anything for me. The "pulsing" of the dynamics gave me the impression of the sea, no stronger emotion than that. I would have liked a greater contrast in the dynamics, longer and more irregular rising and falling of the dynamics.
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    Re: The Dramatic War - Demo (Symphonic Portion)


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