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Topic: Drum samples w/brushes

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    Drum samples w/brushes

    Hi-Another new user here. We\'re looking for some strong brushes in a drum sample. I haven\'t found many choices in the jazz realm. I\'d appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

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    Re: Drum samples w/brushes

    Hi, Rilla. You might check out:
    Sonic Implants drums

    Don\'t have them, but there are demos, and for $19.95, they can\'t be that bad!


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    Re: Drum samples w/brushes

    Sharmy, sadly I can\'t agree about the Erskine lib. It\'s beautifully recorded and performed, but contains so little material I find it virtually useless except for 2 or three of the loops. The individual drums sound great, but only one wire kit, very limited.

    I thought I would love it (from the advertising materials) but it was a waste of $. They advertise \"Thousands of carefully recorded drum performances\", but even if you count each drum stroke as a performance, it falls far short of \'thousands.\'

    Contacted the company, the only response was \"What version?\" Told them Giga, never heard back.


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    Re: Drum samples w/brushes

    Be careful of the brush drumkit from Sonic Implants. I have the Soundfont version of that kit, and some of the samples have an unacceptable amount of background noise (including hissing and 60 cycle hum). I don\'t know if the same samples are used for the Gig version, but I would guess that at least some of them are. There are two other brush drumkits that aren\'t bad: one from Wizoosounds (they call it Jazz Brush Kit) and one that is part of the Native Instruments Studio Drums library. The former is availble in Gig format, but I don\'t think the latter is. However, both of these kits still suffer from the fact that they don\'t contain a variety of swirls and scrapes, both of which are needed to put together a credible performance. The Sonic Implants kit does have more variety - I just wish the quality of the recordings was better.

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    Re: Drum samples w/brushes

    I have the brush kit from Sonic implants, and I like it alot. I don\'t know of this background noise you speak of, they sound just fine. They are very cheap but VERY usable with two choices of snare and they both work very well. I\'ve used them on many orchestral and jazz pieces.

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    Re: Drum samples w/brushes

    I\'ve got to agree with Dasher about the Erskine library. Just not enough variation in the loops. The other problem I have is that it can be hard to loop small sections of the overall track because of things like blossoming ride cymbals. Usually I\'ll find a performance I like, and when I go to cut a two or four bar loop out I can\'t find an area where the cymbal has even energy throughout, which means the looping becomes obvious.

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    Re: Drum samples w/brushes


    I do have brush samples on DAT from the same sessions as the free ns_kit6, but they need a lot of work. I will release them as a module at some stage, but I really need to recover from the trauma of making the main ns_kit6 first.

    If your interested we sampled with brushes with quite a high degree of variation - especially on snare. i.e. muting with one brush while playing with the other, open hits, rim-shots, swooshes (that\'s what I like to call the) flutters (i.e. where you flick the brushes on the rim and they bounce up and down on the skin) etc etc. The cymbals were recorded as hits and sweeps. etc.

    i will get round to doing it at some stage, and it will be free.

    check out nskit.com to find out more about ns_kitv6

    Douglas (naturalstudio)

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    Re: Drum samples w/brushes

    I would also love to see a real decent brush kit. I just tried downloading the kit at Wizoosounds, but the price of the kit was too low for them to process my order. Perhaps I would spend more money on their site if they had more samples! They\'ve promised woodwind, brass and other large categories for what... a year now?

    Anyhow, back to brushes!!

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    Re: Drum samples w/brushes

    Check out \"Drumskills\" - not Giga but worth checking out.

    Plus it (and everything else) is on sale this week at soundsonline.com. Enter SAVE in the promo code window at checkout to get your discount.



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    Re: Drum samples w/brushes

    Thanks for the tip, Doug. The only thing is that the brief description of Drum Skills does not detail whether or not there are individual brush hits and strokes (multisamples). Is this only a loop cd?

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