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Topic: String Quartet nr. 3 - part 2

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    String Quartet nr. 3 - part 2

    I had some more problems with the articulations, here. Those Special Edition Solo Strings Vol 1/Vol 2 are hard to tame. Some settings just don't sound as strings. At the end there is lot possible, with patience. It is time that I buy those full library Solo Strings. As always, some other things have to come first.

    OK, here it is the 2nd part. Ted, my Internet-dad in composition , you will love it. Theme's and motivs are constantly repeated by other instruments, while the other three play some variations of them. The whole is a bit melancholic.

    String Quartet nr. 3 part 2 - Moderato FLAC format

    For those not remembering how part 1 sounded, new link (with some renewed rendering, also FLAC format)

    Enjoy folks - parts 3 & 4, you will be surprised of what is possible with only 4 musicians.


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    Re: String Quartet nr. 3 - part 2

    Hello Raymond:

    Did you mean me? If you did: Hello Son! (A great compliment for me)
    Yes, I liked it very much. It is fascinating to me, that in your work I can hear Bach and Bartok influence in the same composition. Old and new married delightfully.
    The sounds are good, and believable. I love how you ended ...
    All in all, enjoying it a few times more...
    I hope you will let us hear all parts, when ready, together.
    Congratulation and thanks for letting us hear it


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    Re: String Quartet nr. 3 - part 2

    Ah... Raymond, thanks for this beautiful movement.
    As usual, I needed a few runs....which by the way this time was slightly more difficult 'cause Jay's ANTIDOTE didn' t have any effect and I still have that grrrrrooooovy thing of his in my head . Ok, sorry...

    It is curios as this movement has some sort of hypnotic quality to it, kind of minimalistic but not exactly. You have this triple meter with the harmonic rhythm changing steadily on the beat, held together by the composed behavior of the cello's arpeggios ... but phrases are asymmetric, they last a variable number of beats which also is uneven. I counted 11 beats before the first cadence and 20 before the second: in my humble opinion these elements forge the main "character" of the piece, which is a "politely surprising" attitude. Then, moving toward the end, you unleash a bit more freedom with some rhythmical devices, but always very much in control and keeping things ordered. Enchanting.

    What exactly are your problems with these strings? Considered that they are sampled, I'd say they are not bad at all. Of course, this piece begs for interpretation: real players would add so much to it, with all the little things they do that just can not be captured by samples. Starting with vibrato variations.
    But I do not think the full solo strings package would provide much of an answer to you. Or.. I might better understand with a richer description of your feelings about the problem.

    Anyway, very pleasing indeed. Thank you once again for this.


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    Re: String Quartet nr. 3 - part 2


    Coming off an unplanned 3-week hiatus at this forum, it was an easy decision where I would pick up and listen again and as I expected, I was not disappointed.

    Since I missed your 1st mvt I was glad you included the link to it. You are incredibly good at beginnings and endings to your pieces; where most composers have the biggest creative dilemmas , you seem to take it in stride.

    Love the 3rd chord in your 1st movement by the way. If I saw this live in concert I would expect the violins to be smoking….literally! Good thing you put the slow movement (at least slow-moderato) as your second movement to give their poor wrists a break, but I love the energy it produces. I also love how you introduce your repeated note motif early on (at double speed) amongst the violins frenetic passages. Then you slow it to half speed in the middle and it really shines because subconsciously one has already heard it hence it is immediately accessible. Then your recap it goes back to the original quick speed, but this time one hears it consciously, not subconsciously. Brilliant execution I would say,.

    Second movement as well is a delight! Again your beginning is beautifully crafted with the viola and cello starting things off and the violins coming in one at a time, Not at the beginning of a new phrase, but in the middle of the existing phrase, strengthening the phrase as it goes. Hard to pull it off usually, but you really did here.

    It was nice that you re-introduced this “cascading” phrase effect ( I just mentioned) about two thirds the way through it, but this time using staccato strokes for all instruments. Very nice touch. I could go on about how stellar a job you have done here but these things stuck out the most for me so I mentioned them.

    Really looking forward to your last two movements. You really are a craftsman at writing these quartets and they’re most enjoyable because of it.


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    Re: String Quartet nr. 3 - part 2

    Sorry Raymond, I forgot to mention that personally, I wouldn't spend your money on the complete VSL solo strings. These movements sound just fine to me. Spend your money on something you don't have in your sample library instead.

    I know as a composer when we labor over every note we hear all the short comings of sample libraries. But the listener doesn't hear these things.... really, they're (one would hope) are listening to the music for its inspiration and creativity although I know these forums are meant to critique renderings, but I focus on the music myself and try not to be Wowed by the rendering skill or expensive libraries used.

    Really the only place I noticed it sounding artificial/virtual was the middle section of the 1st movement with the slow repeated notes. The release tails sounded that dreaded machine gun effect. I don't know if this library uses round-robin or not for repeated notes, but if not you can still vary the velocity on each note and "color" every other note with an EQ filter to make it slightly off from the preceding note.

    But really, I wouldn't do anything. Just leave it as is. It's delightful,l sounds incredibly realistic, and most importantly, one is not distracted by the imperfections. At least I wasn't and I'm a perfectionist at heart.


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    Re: String Quartet nr. 3 - part 2

    This sounds great. I have never actually tried doing a solo string only composition. I agree with Cass these sound fine as they are, but again... articulations with the full library you will get more. As for myself I would not need the extra articulations myself because I mainly rely on legato and sustain with the occasional portamento for my music. However, for a more detailed composer like you, you will probably benefit from the extra articulations than I would. This was a great peace to listen to, I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing Raymond!



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