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Topic: a change over time

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    a change over time

    This song is a typical quartet. (piano, bass, drums, flute). It uses 'neo soul' piano, jabb flute, mix and match drum parts.
    Please give it a listen. Jay


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    Re: a change over time

    I am having the third listen. Delightful and classy as usual.

    Buy a beer, on me, to your two pals of the rhythm section.

    Thanks VERY much for sharing.


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    Re: a change over time

    It's always an occasion to say "Hooray!" when we get more Jay Jazz - Mmmm my my this is just perfect in every way. Amazingly good in fact.

    You've mentioned in posts for quite awhile that you put your drum lines together from short audio clips. Maybe you explained why once, but I can't recall - I take you don't find you can get good results from using a drum module like EZDrummer and MIDI clip libraries used in conjunction with your own playing and editing? Not to suggest your drums need improvement - Your method obviously works wonderfully well for you. I'm just curious why you're not working the other way.

    Thanks for the smooth sounds, Jay.


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    Re: a change over time

    This was very enjoyable, but the bass line did not make sense to me at times. It was almost like was doing his own thing with out listening to what the others where doing. At times the contrasting ideas make sense and complement what the keys and drums are doing, but other times the bass sounds like he is out in left field doing his own thing. Hard to pin point exactly what it is that feel off. Just a quick reaction to the first listen through.
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    Re: a change over time

    Sec2! I am pleased that you liked this. I will take you up on those beers.

    Randy! Thanks for your input on this. Over the years I have picked up on a variety of percussion hits in audio format, such as, snare, cymbal, conga etc. that I liked. I built up my own drum kit from these to be used in native instruments 'battery 3'. I am just used to using those sounds. I also occasionally use short excerpts from audio clips by slicing them up and place them in appropriate places in the song. I enhance the audio clip slices with single hits from my drum kit. I have used EZ Drummer and others like it, and just fell into whatever was easy to use and worked for my tastes and uses.

    Hey Ed! I re listened to the song, concentrating on the bass. I personally feel that the bass lines are appropriate for the format of the piece. You are obviously hearing something that does not fit right for you, but I am just saying that I do not hear it.

    Thanks to you all for listening and commenting. It is much appreciated. Jay

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    Re: a change over time


    I can not get this piece of yours out of my head!!! I keep listening to it, over and over, there's nothing I can do about it.

    Don't you have.... an ANTIDOTE? Don't know... a particularly dissonant chord .... something... please HELP MEEEE!!!

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    Re: a change over time

    Sec2! Ha Ha. Take two beers and call me in the morning. I hope that helps. Jay

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    Re: a change over time

    Some time ago you told me that some day I may be able to appreciate Jazz.
    Well, you did it this time.
    I listened, then I asked my wife, turned up the volume and we danced by God! Not very vigorously, mind you...
    Me, at 86?
    I am having my sun-downer right now... Thanks!!!!


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    Re: a change over time

    Ted! I am glad that my song drove you to dance. (even if it was not a vigorous one). A sun downer sounds good to me right now. Thanks for listening and commenting. Jay

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    Re: a change over time

    Another groovy piece! I like your style. Someday I am going to have to try tackling this to expand my composing experience. Again, this puts me in the mood where I just wanna sit down at the lounge and snap my fingers while I wear my fine tucs while drinking a glass of the finest wine! Great stuff man! Can't wait for your next piece.



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