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Topic: New Demo EWQLSO Silver How is it?

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    New Demo EWQLSO Silver How is it?

    This is another silver demo created by myself for the heck of it, and becaue I love music. I found the major flaw of loading silver as a Dxi. The tempo changes don\'t work at all, hopefully there will be a patch to fix that soon. I hope you like this demo, I have another good one coming in a few days. I need to expand this song a lot more though too.Just right click and save this puppy! Enjoy!


    -Sean Beeson
    contact: sbeeson@capital.edu

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    Re: New Demo EWQLSO Silver How is it?

    Hi Sean!

    Great Work! I like it very much, especially the first 25 seconds...
    (you can use the VST version of silver. It has no tempo bug)


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