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Topic: Save Tara

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    Save Tara

    Save Tara (2014)
    Arrangement #39

    Save Tara (Angel Wings and Tears) - Mono LP
    Arrangement #38

    Save Tara (Appassionata Strings and Choir)
    Arrangement #37

    Save Tara - Piano and Soloist:
    Arrangement #36

    To date I have over 35 arrangements and growing to my composition, "Save Tara." So, I figured rather than posting several different topics of arrangements I would just post them in this one every now and then. I will post three arrangements (recent) at a time, the rest will eventually be available to listen to at if anyone is interested in hearing them:


    Save Tara Poem Written by Me:

    Sorrowful it is
    I have become lost without you
    The world we once dreamed of
    Searching through the past
    Broken and torn
    We were taken from one another
    Faraway to heaven you went
    My Tara is gone
    Without you
    The beauty of life has lost its meaning
    With a handful of tears
    I will remember you for all my years
    Save the memories of my angel
    Save Tara...

    I shared some very personal information in a previous post:

    "I have been in dark times for a while now due to my physical health problems. About 6-7 years ago (22-23 years old) I was inflicted with a virus... I did not go see the doctor I tried to fight it out, but in the end my sinus was mangled and my immune system crippled. Since then I have had nothing but extreme breathing problems and feeling that sickness like feeling. This cost me my last job which really set me back and complicated things even further.

    Tara was a kind and sweet girl. She really loved and cared for me. Her favorite creature were turtles. I remember the first time we kissed, it really does only seem like yesterday… that is how much I kept the memories of her flowing. I have tried starting again with other girls but it is just not the same. Everything about Tara, she just really loved me and showed it with her heart.

    So I am here today… same old health issues, still remembering my love Tara. I don’t really got much happiness because of my health conditions, but before Tara gained her wings, we shared the most beautiful moments together. I could have never asked for anything more.

    I hold on to her… I hold on to the memories of us… The memories of us are the only thing I have left to hang on to. That is why I call her Angel Tara.

    I'll always love her, and she will always be my angel."

    About Save Tara:

    Save Tara was my first composition and was created for the memories of her. I began composing because it was very difficult being without her and I had to pour my emotions into something, and I guess music was the way to do it for me. Save Tara focuses on everything: the love, the happiness, the experiences, and the sorrow... It's a composition that just brings her, the memories, and the moments we shared back. It is the heart, the breath, the soul to the memories of her. I have never been able to let go because I don't want to.

    This is how I keep her breathing through me... is by remembering my angel through the compositions I create, and Save Tara is the composition that has always remained and carried the memories of Tara for all these years, "Save Tara - Save the memories of my angel". As mentioned in the paragraph above, I have not been too healthy due to a virus which has causes complications.

    It does get to me emotionally, but remembering the precious moments (the best days of my life) Tara and I shared together are what give me the happiness I need to continue and to prevent falling into a deep dark depression. Save Tara, and my compositions for the memories of her... they bring those moments back, and those are what I need to continue fighting through this. Originally, it was only about her... but now it's about me too.

    It has not been an easy path over these last few years struggling with these health conditions, but... I know once upon a time... there was a wonderful girl who loved me and showed me that love can defeat anything. So I have to continue remembering her, the the moments we shared, and the love she showed me.

    I don't mean to get too personal, but... this is my life.

    Libraries Used in All Arrangements to Save Tara:

    - Garritan Personal Orchestra
    - Garritan Instant Orchestra
    - Sonivox Expressivo Strings (Dimension Pro - Cakewalk)
    - Vienna Appassionata String (Included in Vienna SE Strings 2)
    - Vienna Orchestral Strings (Included in Vienna SE Strings 1 )
    - Vienna Soprano Choir
    - EWQLSO (Silver Kontakt Edition)
    - Shevannai, the Voice of Elves (Best Service)
    - Voice of Gaia, Linda Strawberry (Soundiron)
    - Olympus Micro Choir (Soundiron)
    - Emotional Piano (Soundiron)
    - Black Grand Piano (Sampletekk)
    - Miriam Stockley (Vocaloid)
    - DIVA Revamp
    - Giovanni Girls Choir LE
    - Garritan Pocket Orchestra (Included with Dimension Pro)
    - Soundfonts

    *May have missed a couple



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    Re: Save Tara

    Hi, Richard - I have no doubt that everyone here at the Forum who is aware of your posts (that should be everyone!) is impressed with the saga which you've unfolded for us since you first joined in.

    I'm glad you re-posted that italicized segment from a recent post on another thread, giving more people a chance to know more about you personally, and what the source of your inspiration is for much of your music.

    This Forum is much more than a promotional site for Garritan. It's a community of musicians, and offers us an opportunity to communicate much more than the tiny bits of text shared on social sites like Facebook. On my current thread, I've vented about my frustrations, and it wasn't long ago that a member shared with us his issues with depression. Posts that are more personal, and beyond the scope of only musical topics may not make up a very large percentage of posts on the various pages of this collection of Garritan Forums, but they are examples of the greater potential for communication which is available to us.

    So, thanks for this thread not only for your music, but for the chance to listen to you talk on a more personal level.

    I downloaded arrangement #37 of "Save Tara" so I could hear it (yes, still can't play online videos) and found it as effective as the other versions - #36 and 35 are re-posts from recent threads, because you want to use this new thread as an archive for all the versions of Tara, correct?

    Are you searching for a definitive, final version of this theme? Or are you thinking more in terms of having a collection which is of the "theme and variations" type of composition? It's always a Deja Vu when I see another thread with the same title, then I listen to the new variation, and I picture all of them possibly being combined into one piece - But I'm only conjecturing on why you keep re-arranging the same music-? - I suppose it's simply because working on that music again gives you another chance to re-visit your memories.

    Thanks for the music and the text, Richard. I'm sure we'll hear from you again soon. Take care.


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    Re: Save Tara

    Hey Randy, thank you for the reply.

    One reason I stuck around the Garritan community (not just because I love the Garritan instruments) but because I like the people here too. It is almost like one big family of composers, and everyone is respectful and understanding. That is very important in a community of friendship and family.

    Indeed, I felt it was best if I just place all of my Save Tara arrangements in this one thread so that others can read one thread and learn a little about the composition rather than spreading each arrangement to Save Tara around in many different topics and explaining each time. I figured this was best since I opened up in the post in the "Angel Tara and Save Tara" topic.

    The youtube thing is indeed a problem. I would have done the assign the whole c drive with full access to all to see if that worked myself, but it seems like conflicting driver issues in away. *I forgot to let you know specifically to click on the link to the site, for the new arrangement is the music that is playing on the site (no youtube).

    I really don't think there will ever be a final arrangement to Save Tara. I have tried to finalize it but it is just one composition that I just keep arranging over again and again because indeed it just allows me to re-live the memories. Save Tara basically just paints a giant picture of the past for me, more than any other composition of mine dedicated to her. It is kind of like the breath, soul, and heart to the memories of her. It is what keeps me happy and going, the memories, even through my physical health problems.



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    Re: Save Tara

    It is funny as, even if I am a pretty much a melancholic person myself who gives an accented meaning to "the past", when I face a friend with your kind of story I impulsively tend to shake him and push him to let go of the memories and face forward.
    In your case, though, you devotion is so tender and so... fertile, that one feels like talking would be like breaking the spell.

    If you'll make a thousand Tara's arrangements, I'll listen to a thousand Tara's arrangements. And I know the next arrangement will be beautiful, too. And yet the next... and so on.


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    Re: Save Tara

    Fab, you have no idea how much that touched me. Thank you very much for your kind words, they really mean a lot to me. Thank you for your understanding.

    Your friend,


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