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Topic: Ideas for my new series!

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    Ideas for my new series!

    Well, a little while ago I began composing for my album, "The Dramatic War - Salvation." But I would really like to thank Randy for finally getting the idea across to me about the actual title (Dramatic War). I have given it a lot of thought and I agree with Randy the title is not strong enough and indeed does state the obvious "war is dramatic." Therefore, I have decided to take Randy's advice and step away from using "The Dramatic War."

    So here is what I have come up with! LOVE AND WAR - VOLUME 1: SALVATION. So I am going to begin a series called, "LOVE AND WAR." It will divided into several different volumes/chapters per album. The series focuses on the everyday struggles of this world, but also expresses on the hope, faith, and love we have to get through the struggles and sorrows of the world including war, WWII, the Holocaust.

    What do you guys think of Love and War replacing The Dramatic War?



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    Re: Ideas for my new series!

    Go for it!

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    Re: Ideas for my new series!

    Well, Richard, I'm glad my posts on the topic of your title didn't rub you the wrong way. If you're happy with making a change, that's all that matters.

    AND, as far as my opinion goes, I like your title "Love and War" very much. It's nice and simple, has a stark (dramatic!) contrast between its two main words, and suggests that a listener will be going through quite an experience. Nice!


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    Re: Ideas for my new series!

    Thanks guys! It is for sure, The Dramatic War is no longer and I am now using Love and War. Again, Randy!!! thanks a lot for trying real hard to point that out... at first I was like Noo Nooo its not changing... but then after you made some real good points, you opened my mind LOL, and I could easily see what you mean.

    So I am coming up with some more ideas. Thinking back to the tv series War and Remembrance, they told story of WWII and the Holocaust with fictional characters and portrayed it very well, better than a documentary. I am thinking of making this an actual story based music series with characters and writing to help listeners understand what they listen to. *MY MIND IS ROLLING WITH IDEAS!!!!

    Here is the website I am creating for the series (WIP):



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    Re: Ideas for my new series!

    kind of sounds like war and peace.
    the text on top of the picture is hard to make out.


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