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Topic: OT: Demo Reel suggestions

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    OT: Demo Reel suggestions

    ok, time to put together a new reel. Have done this many times over the years, and I always agonize over the content/layout, etc.

    any generic suggestions as to what to include or what not too? rule of thumbs I always thought were: don\'t put too much of one thing, to avoid type-casting, but don\'t be too varied as clients might think you aren\'t able to focus on one thing....also, don\'t make it an hour long---get in get out so the client doesn\'t have to spend a long time listening...

    do any of you ever create multiple reels and try to match the client with the appropriate reel?

    what kinds of things have you guys done that have worked, and what hasn\'t worked so well, in your experience?

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    Re: OT: Demo Reel suggestions

    Sounds like you already know what to do!

    There is no real answer, some reels work differently for different clients.

    Just make sure it\'s always your best work!

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    Re: OT: Demo Reel suggestions

    Just my 2 cents....

    I think the term \"demo reel\" is a litte outdated. I never mass produce, you know, 50 general demos and just mail them out. I think it\'s kind of a waste. My philosophy is that people listen to demos only when they are looking for something particular (i.e. composer for their film, tv show, game). I make every demo specific for an opportunity - take a 1/2 hr. and browse cues I have that I think are appropriate. If I\'m submitting for a crime tv show - that\'s what they get. I always tailor the demo for the project and sometimes write one cue specific for it and put it first (the rest are pulled from my archives of cues from other projects). If you hit it, right off the bat you\'ve caught their ear and have a chance. If you\'re first cue is romantic orchestral (no matter how great it is) and they\'re looking for techno, I don\'t think they\'ll make it to the second cue. This is just my opinion, it\'s working for me, other people may have their own... Besides that I think 10 minutes is the general rule on legnth and don\'t put any 5 minute cues - 1 to 2 minutes work best.


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