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Topic: Logic Pro X

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    Logic Pro X

    Hi everybody,

    Some days ago, I started working with Logic Pro X. Before, I only used Notion and Finale, both notation programs. Now I would want to set a further step and start using a DAW (first to edit my scores, later maybe to create new scores). Is somebody acquainted with Logic Pro? It would be interesting to know someone from the forum to help me get on the right track...



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    Re: Logic Pro X

    I have been using Logic Pro for about two years and have been a long time Finale user. I will be traveling for another two weeks, but, I would be happy to share what I have learned when I get back to my computer that has these programs installed. It might be a little like "the blind leading the blind". However, I have found that there are people on this forum who have vast general knowledge of DAWs and are very helpful with any questions that I have.


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    Re: Logic Pro X

    Hi Max,

    My new piano controller is on it's way and I'm installing Logic Pro X on my iMac and Mac Mini.

    I've run into some crippling limitations with my current DAW host and so it probably a good time to learn and start using Logic Pro X also. I bought Studio One Producer on sale for $100 a while back but besides the velocity tool it's midi editing is really terrible right now.

    I hope you've gotten up to speed with Logic Pro X. I've watched several tutorials and info videos on YouTube about it. I know you can start off in basic mode and then once your pretty comfortable with it you can go into Logic's preferences and select advanced mode. I'll be using it with Vienna Ensemble Pro 5 as a sample library server but first I need to get down the basics.


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