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Topic: I Really Like This GPO Demo!

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    I Really Like This GPO Demo!


    I was just listening to demos tonight on the Garritan MM site and came across this. It is a demo that was created with GPO. It has that old classical feel I like. Almost like an old movie (Kinda)! Absolutely beautiful.

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    Re: I Really Like This GPO Demo!

    That does sound very nice, Richard. I thought maybe the wrong MP3 came up at first, since it's just thunder for the first 30 seconds--but I stuck with it and enjoyed the music when it finally arrived. Very simple, pleasant, folk-like melody, effectively arranged, and the use of Garritan is expert.

    You're right that it's in the general category of "classical" in its orchestration and use of instruments, but that places it in the arena where thousands of modern composers are working, Richard. It's orchestral, timeless, not "old" as in out-moded and something only to be found in old movies. It's simply- orchestral music, basically like the majority of scores Finale users work on.



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