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Topic: Still "hard at work" with Kirk's solo strings (new demo posted)

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    Still "hard at work" with Kirk\'s solo strings (new demo posted)

    EDIT: Since starting this thread I have posted a new version of the demo. Link is the same:


    At the risk of inviting ridicule, I would like to share my first attempt at using Kirk Hunter Solo Strings. This is a simple and pretty rough demo. It took less than two hours to produce. I certainly did not find it \"hard work\" getting this far. Undoubtedly I went overboard on the slides, and the note transitions need some tidying up (especially at 2:20). I used the \"Romantic Violin\" patch only for this piece. I made do with the existing out-of-the-box programming, which as I noted elsewhere could do with some improvement (I am now working on my own custom patches). The nature of the instrument almost seems to demand this style of music (regardless of personal preferences!). Feedback (even ridicule [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] ) invited.


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    Re: Still "hard at work" with Kirk\'s solo strings (new demo posted)

    Hey David,
    all I can ridicule is about 40-45% of those glisses. You said it yourself [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Outside of that, it is a lovely piece. Very expressive. Great strings ain\'t they?

    nice work


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    Re: Still "hard at work" with Kirk\'s solo strings (new demo posted)

    This is very Nice!!,
    Only two hours??
    I´m working in a piece and i´m actualy ending it in 3´5 weeks.. [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: Still "hard at work" with Kirk\'s solo strings (new demo posted)


    Very nice!

    In my experience the \"hard work\" to get KHSS performances to the next level is to use CC-11 to blend the notes from one to another. Most of the transitions are already pretty natural, but there are a number of rough edges. In my experience, I can\'t do this level of refinement in real-time. I\'ve got to craft the transitions by hand.

    I typically leave everything in one track on one channel. I then draw some quick \"down/up\" envelopes and audition them. Sometimes I have to mess with the note-off timing of the previous note.

    For the next, next level, you can move one of the transition notes to another track. Now you can independently blend the out and the in notes. I haven\'t done this yet, but I expect to at some time in the future.

    Two hours, huh? Your results will be scary good before long!

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    Re: Still "hard at work" with Kirk\'s solo strings (new demo posted)

    wow the tone here is great.

    I\'ve always thought the KH solo stuff sounded a bit thin, but this sounds really warm in alot of places

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    Re: Still "hard at work" with Kirk\'s solo strings (new demo posted)

    I tend to agree about KHSS generally sounding on the thin side. But the Gypsy violin is completely different. In my view, it outshines the rest of the library: Please, Kirk, do a Romantic viola and cello as well. They would be real winners!

    Let me explain a little more about how I made this piece. For recording I used the \"dyn/Slup/Sldn\" patch. This is useful because it produces different articulations depending on velocity (delayed vibrato on the low velocities, espressivo in the mid range, and hard attacks on the highs) thus creating a certain amount of automatic variation even without deliberately switching to a different articulation. Most of what you hear in the demo is exactly how it was in the original recording. I did not use any expression at all. I did not even touch the mod wheel once (my left hand was entirely occupied playing the piano part simultaneously on another keyboard!). There were no slides in the initial recording. These were added later by shifting notes to other channels where the slide patches were loaded. For me, this is far simpler than keeping all the notes in one channel and then drawing in envelopes or key switches. So I already have the beginnings of Jon\'s \"next, next level\". However, I doubt whether adding cross-fades is even necessary for managing the note transitions. Simply refining the note-off times may be sufficient. For the demo, I did alter a few note off times (i.e. changed the length of the note using the piano-roll view midi editor). I guess I did not do it enough. Or maybe, X-fades will really make a difference.

    Once I had a reasonable midi file I then captured to wave and ran the whole thing through a Lexicon MPX200 verb (which explains the richness of the tone only partially).

    Thank you all for the nice comments!

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    Re: Still "hard at work" with Kirk\'s solo strings (new demo posted)

    Last night I spent another couple hours on it, and came up with this new version. The Gypsy returns now in slightly less shabby attire: excess glissandi shorn away, note transitions tidied up, and a few velocity edits here and there. Please listen and tell me what you think.


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    Re: Still "hard at work" with Kirk\'s solo strings (new demo posted)

    Nicer still!

    I didn\'t analyze things note by note or A/B compare, but my overall feeling was that this flowed better. I had fewer \"sample library\" moments. Yep. Nicer.

    BTW, when I went into my demo folder I noticed that I had an mp3 of your GOSExpt6 piece. Wow. It was nice to hear this again. I\'m no longer surprised that you did the first version in a couple of hours. :-)

    I can sense a violin concerto in the works!

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    Re: Still "hard at work" with Kirk\'s solo strings (new demo posted)

    Thanks, Jon, for listening again. I very much enjoyed the pieces you did with KHSS and that was partly what convinced me to buy my own copy.

    There is lots more stuff on my website (link below) for anyone who cares to listen. And that very short GOS demo took ages to produce (far more laborious than the new Gypsy piece).

    What I really want to do is a viola concerto, but so far I have not found a sampled instrument I like. Looking forward to VSL and/or Garritan solo strings.

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    Re: Still "hard at work" with Kirk\'s solo strings (new demo posted)

    > \"And that very short GOS demo took ages to produce.\"

    No kidding! I\'d be amazed otherwise.

    Best of luck in finding that perfect sampled cello.

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