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Topic: Arbitrary 'Gigastudio Did Not Initialize Properly'

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    Arbitrary \'Gigastudio Did Not Initialize Properly\'

    Ok everybody...Ive had Gigastudio for over a year and half now...and I\'ve always overlooked this...but now I am getting fed up. Every so often when I open up Gigastudio, I get an error applet that says that Gigastudio did not initialize properly---Do you want to run it in diagnostic mode? When this occurs I usually hit no, then try again and it loads. This of course is not everytime. In the latter case, I have to restart and then everything is back to normal. Is this a common problem or am I running a gimp computer?


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    Re: Arbitrary \'Gigastudio Did Not Initialize Properly\'

    Ive had exactly the same problem ever since Ive owned GigaStudio. Also, I will occasionally get \"Conexant Wave Stream Error\", messages. I handle them in the same way as the Initialization message: simply restart.
    Those along with a few other little glitches dont seem to cause any serious problems but they are worrisome.

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