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Topic: Copelandesque

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    I always worry that I\'ll be too influenced by what I listen to. A few years back, I couldn\'t get enough of Copeland.

    But, even though there may be blantant ripoffs here, I haven\'t listened for about 3-4 years.

    What do you like and what can I improve?

    (I posted this over on GPO but I wanted some heavy hitters to critique it) I hope that\'s OK.


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    Re: Copelandesque

    I like the basic tune, but you need to put some expression into the playing. It\'s too flat. There are no dynamics.

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    Re: Copelandesque

    There\'s a tune in there??

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    Re: Copelandesque

    Very nice piece! I have to agree with Rob that you need to add more dynamics then the piece will really shine.

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    Re: Copelandesque

    Very, very nice! I would have to agree with the previous comments about the dynamics, though- there were a number of places that were perfect for a sudden (or even not-so-sudden) change in volume. Very nice instrumentation and use of percussion.

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