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Topic: Well, I'm back

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    Well, I\'m back

    Hi Everyone.

    Sorry I\'ve been out for a while. My wife Rita just delivered our twin boys, Rahm and Vayd! The boys were born on January 6th, and I am only now starting to get back in touch with my email, friends, and essential bulletin boards (like Northern Sounds!).

    For those who are interested, I\'ve placed some pix of the boys on my site at:
    BlueScreen Music

    There are some updates of my work (albeit, somewhat outdated ones) here.

    After being out of the loop for a few months, I am now starting to get back in touch with what is going on in the world of samples, software, and plug-ins. I\'m sure I\'ll be hanging out here quite a bit!

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    Re: Well, I\'m back

    Welcome Back and congrats!


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    Re: Well, I\'m back

    Congratulations Blue!

    Beautiful kids!

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    Re: Well, I\'m back

    Congratulations Blue!

    Great day to be born - my b\'day as well [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Well, I\'m back

    Congrats, Pics look great!
    Nothing Like It! Enjoy every moment of them.
    Give mom plenty of love.


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    Re: Well, I\'m back

    Congratulations on your new inspiration!

    I checked out your website, and it looks very jumbled when you have large fonts enabled. You might want to check it that way.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Well, I\'m back

    Thanks for the kind thoughts, everyone! We are thrilled with our little duet here, and everyone is doing fine.

    You know, it\'s funny-- all the parents we knew urged us to get sleep before the kids were born, implying that we would not get much of it afterwards. Maybe it is the musician\'s lifestyle, but I swear I am sleeping better now than before. Getting up a few times each night to help out with the kids is nothing compared to the all-night composing stints I\'ve pulled!

    Thanks again!!

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