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Topic: Good harp sample?

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    Good harp sample?

    I\'m guessing people will recommend GigaHarp.. but, just thought I\'d make sure [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Suggestions for a really good harp sample?


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    Re: Good harp sample?

    Is X-Sample Harp looped?

    I have no idea why they looped the sustained samples so much in the other disks in the X-Sample series. I mean I wasted £99 on the damn cd... bleh... sure does put me off buying another x-sample cd.


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    Re: Good harp sample?

    Well, I got Gigaharp, and I have one complaint. The soft plucks are still too plucky, and is seemingly closely miced. I\'ve been really thinking about getting xsample, and the celesta that comes with it.

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    Re: Good harp sample?

    The x-sample harp is the only I use. Giga-harp was miked too close.
    I don\'t like the celesta that comes with it.
    It\'s amazing how one instument sounds so good, and the other like crap.
    AO made one, but I have never seen the single notes version in Giga format. All I have are chords and glisses which are nice, but...
    I am curious to hear the new one from Quantum Leap.

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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Re: Good harp sample?

    Originally posted by esperlad:
    Giga-harp was miked too close.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">The Giga-harp is actually quite excellent. It\'s fairly intimate, but by no means \"mic\'ed too close.\" All one needs to do is use a high and low shelf to take a little of the sheen off, and pan the channels towards each other a bit, and it will recede as far as you\'d like with any decent reverb.

    There are fabulous things about the GigaHarp, among them a nice set of CC programs that allow you to set up realistic glisses with proper note doubling for a given key. That is a killer feature. There are the four levels of pluck, plus two different harmonic plucks, which are gorgeous.

    If you find some of the samples too \"clicky\" you can go in and adjust the pre-level and attack time to minimize that.

    I have been very thankful for the GigaHarp. It was one of the first really nice instruments for GigaSampler, and people have never failed to comment upon it when they hear it in my work. The mic plot is extremely flexible, and I am very happy that it\'s NOT an extremely live recording. It works in a wide variety of uses, which is of great value.

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    Re: Good harp sample?

    I have both the gigaharp and the Xsample harp.

    They are both quite wonderful. The gigaharp, although maybe(?) the first third-party sample built for Gigasampler, is still one of the most realistic and lovely sounding libraries around.

    Bruce has covered the details, the glisses are very clever. I love the lower register, and I enjoy the \'bite\' of the higher velocities, it seems (to me) very much a library to be played. It really \'feels\' like you\'re playing a harp (without all of those horrific pedals to worry about). It\'s a bit like the Malmsjo piano in the sense that it is not too \'pristene\'; it is a little \'unpredictable\'.

    The Xsample, I think, is equally beautiful yet very different. For me, it seems more suited to very fast playing - and isn\'t quite as \'in your face\', but the basic sound seems a little more \'subdued\' than the gigaharp.

    When playing them both on the same system the Xsample sounds like a recording of a harp and the Gigaharp sounds like a harp is \'in the room\' (not necessarily close mic\'d - I don\'t know even what that really means, or at least how I\'d recognize it). I suspect that with Bruce\'s skills you could do anything with either but the Xsample sounds a little easier to \'tame\' in a recording than the Gigaharp, but the Gigaharp is such fun to play.

    Anyone who bought either of these should be happy though (I think). I wouldn\'t want to choose between them. They highlight much of what is wonderful about Gigastudio and associated libraries. Same instrument; wildly different; both superb.

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    Re: Good harp sample?

    vrsound harp:
    2 perspectives:
    Players and Orchestral
    2 vel layers, release samples each.
    Orch harp has glisses across 3 octaves up/dwn/updwn.

    listen to orchestral perspective harp:

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    Re: Good harp sample?

    I was wondering when Franz was going to plug his own samples!!

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    Re: Good harp sample?

    Originally posted by Haydn:
    I was wondering when Franz was going to plug his own samples!!
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">But do you get a free bottle of Oxyclean if you buy within the next 10 minutes Franz?

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    Re: Good harp sample?

    Bruce, I have Gigaharp, but I\'m not familiar with this CC gliss feature you speak of at all. Could you please enlighten me so I can make full use of it?

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