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Topic: MM Has Released the Free Finale Based Christmas Music

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    MM Has Released the Free Finale Based Christmas Music

    I received an e-mail from MM this morning announcing the release of a set of Finale 2014 files as a Christmas gift to their customers. It also appears to be a promotional idea because they have links to download Finale 2014 and a free demo version of Finale 2014 so you can view and listen to the music if you do't already own Finale 2014. Since I only have an iPad right now, I have not downloaded the files. If anyone has heard them, are they good demos and how do they compare to our typical Christmas projects?norman

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    Re: MM Has Released the Free Finale Based Christmas Music

    Interesting, Norman - Thanks for the post.

    What they have are Finale files, not recordings, so a direct comparison to our Christmas projects couldn't really be made.

    Here's a direct link to the page of info - There's a fair amount of disgruntlement expressed from Finale users on the blog conversation thread below the ad. The main gripe - It's not really quite "Free" music:

    Free Finale Holiday Titles


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    Re: MM Has Released the Free Finale Based Christmas Music

    I, too, received the MM "Free Music" notice and, from what I understand, can only be used with Finale 22014. I also guess a number of us have been wondering why we haven't heard anything lately about OUR Garritan Community Christmas CD project.

    Not to be pessimistic, but firing Justin recently makes one nervous as he was our link to the MM domain and he was the one that was instrumental in assuring us that this year things would be different: MM would have more time to make plans to produce Christmas music created entirely from only the Garritan libraries.

    Has his replacement (if there is one) or anyone from MM contacted anyone about this project?

    Bizarre business practices seem to be abounding as if a ship is sinking and all are trying to save their lives.....This is the time of year to raise one's spirits and gladden one's heart, not launch an all-out distress campaign.

    Just my perspective.

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