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Topic: Understanding sample rates

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    Understanding sample rates

    Hi everyone-

    I am in the middle of a video project in logic. I am scoring and doing sound design to a quicktime movie, with time code burn-in - no problems.

    However it appears that some of the sounds (and possibly the music) didn\'t line up correctly for them, even though I gave them the right TC value that I saw on the screen for that cue.

    They are using avid, which may have a 48k sample rate. Since I am using 44.1k (with all the sound libs being used, spectrasonics plugs/etc), I have shipped them everything bounced down to 16 bit, 44.1.

    Could this mismatch in sample rates affect sync\'ing in avid? Not sure what to do - I have peak express which does sample rate conversions - I guess I could just convert to 48k and ship it to them to test.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: Understanding sample rates

    Hi Eric,

    Following thread and another URL referenced in this thread might be helpful. Good luck with your project.


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    Re: Understanding sample rates

    1) They could upsample to 48k from 44.1k. I have to do that when I\'m working with sound effects all the time since I work at 48khz now.

    2) You could rebounce down and resend it.

    One thing I do have to ask is are you starting the material in Logic *RIGHT* at measure 1, or are you starting your project like at measure 5 instead? I had problems getting things to start PERFECTLY if I didn\'t let it do a \'preroll\' in Logic on the PC, and just had the EXACT same problem with someone else in Logic 6 in a G5. I get the same issues with Cubase SX on the PC as well, until I restart it and it \'buffers\' itself.

    Best lesson, give your material some space for preroll to allow the system to catch up properly. That\'s my experience, FWIW.


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    Re: Understanding sample rates

    99% of the time, video guys work at 48k so if you\'re doing lots of video work, you should consider setting your system at 48.

    I have found that most programs will load 48 files in a 44.1 and re-tune them to the correct frequency which will cause everything to go out of whack. In that case, the work around is to import and convert the audio and not to simply drag and drop it in.

    Of course if you do that, make sure that you re-export it as 48 for the AVID guys.

    Last but not least, confirm that you\'re all using the same frame rate as well and don\'t forget to match all of your hardware and soft synths to the same sample res if you need to.

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