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Topic: Yamaha VL 1 or samples...

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    Yamaha VL 1 or samples...

    Hi guys & girls,

    I know there are some people out there using a Yamaha VL 1 virtual synth. Do you still use it with the appearance of new sample libararies that \"emulate\" brass & woodwinds???

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Yamaha VL 1 or samples...

    As seen on Northernsounds:

    The thing about the VL1 is that its emulations are never 100% the real instrument, but it always sounds like *a* real acoustic instrument. Nobody listens to it and thinks it sounds fake, at least not if you use it properly.

    Also, you can use it in ensembles with the right treatment, but it\'s really set up as a solo instrument \"out of the box.\"

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    Re: Yamaha VL 1 or samples...

    Patchman Music has some good programs, and I think you have those seven or so Yamaha disks. I\'m going to talk to Avery Burdette from Yamaha at the NAMM show and ask if they can be distributed now that the instrument is long gone.

    As far as free ones, if you go here:


    you should find them all. Bill Bush\'s programs are the best of those.

    Also, Windworks Design http://members.aol.com/windworks3/windwork.htm has a free PC librarian, if you\'re willing to risk putting stuff like that on one of your Giga machines. My patches are all in Galaxy format - which is one of the reasons I expect to keep an OS 9 machine around for the forseeable future.

    Finally, I wonder why your instrument doesn\'t sound right with the V.2 upgrade. There are different factory programs, but V.1 programs should sound just the same as they always did.

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    Re: Yamaha VL 1 or samples...

    By the way, I don\'t consider myself an expert on the VL1 by any stretch of the imagination. You have to program it to achieve that elevated status, and I only know the basic \"analog\" parameters, not the \"expert\" parameters.

    I just play the thing!

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    Re: Yamaha VL 1 or samples...

    Thanks for taking the time answering: can you advise me on how to get that head-breathcontroller to work? I know it should work, as the sensitivity parameters move while I blow into it. But using it one the patches nothing happens (although I used it on breathcontroller patches!!!).

    thanks in advance


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    Re: Yamaha VL 1 or samples...

    i have a vl70m which i would\'nt trade for anything
    i can also say the same for my vsl.
    basically its a strange world of realisim and synth.

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    Re: Yamaha VL 1 or samples...

    The VL 1 was used in the Riven soundtrack.

    It was cool because it sounded real, but it wasnt a real instrument. [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]


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