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Topic: OT: V-Stack From Steinberg

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    OT: V-Stack From Steinberg


    \"When used in stand-alone mode, V-STACK can also turn your PC into a live virtual instrument station. Because V-STACK supports VST, VST 2.0 and Direct X plug-ins, you can load up to 16 VST instruments in V-STACK, add high-quality effects and then play them live.\"

    Ahh... I have been waiting for something like this for a long time!

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    Re: OT: V-Stack From Steinberg

    YES!! This is exactly what i need D

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    Re: OT: V-Stack From Steinberg

    Now we can use a separate PC for VSTIs without needing to run some resource hungry host sequencer, or some other app we don\'t really need.

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