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Topic: Your favorites topics on Northern

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    Your favorites topics on Northern

    Hi all

    Just an idea.

    I like to keep some knowlege topics from most forums I\'m on in my explorer Favorites folder,subfolder - Northern Sounds.

    Starting from users tips,problems solutions,best 88 waited keyboard and so on.
    Just save and rename the long link to a topic name.

    I\'m quite new on this great forum so I dont have many topics to ofer but I will start with few nice ones :

    Studiologic velocity sensitivity
    A Strings_Atmosphere Tip For You

    I will be glad if you people will post your favorites topics links.
    I\'m sure it will help to new readers like me and also the veterans.



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    Re: Your favorites topics on Northern

    Hi Sharon,

    There is an NS Tips and Tricks forum for threads that are particulary packed with timeless info - so like you, others saw the need for this.

    I\'m wondering how your orchestration is coming? I just ordered Peter Alexander\'s Harmony 101 book and even using the older Advanced Orchestra library, am making good progress. What sort of orchestrations are you composing these days and which libaries do you particulary like?

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