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Topic: An Alliance of Deceit

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    An Alliance of Deceit


    Here is a complete composition! I composed this to resemble the darkness in an unsteady alliance! It is meant to express on betrayal and deceit.

    Libraries Used:
    - Vienna Appassionata Strings (Volume 3 Version with legato and portamento patches)
    - Vienna Soprano Choir
    - Emotional Piano (Soundiron)

    *Sorry for the lack of Garritan libraries I have been experimenting and purchasing a lot lately through several different libraries. This is a composition I created with my new purchase of Vienne SE Volume 3. I have some tracks coming up soon which use both GPO and IO. My mind is being scrambled into the virtual instrument world LOL!



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    Re: An Alliance of Deceit

    It's moody and lovely, Richard - This is for your game, right? It's brief and repetitive, something that would loop while somebody's lingering on a screen of the game, I'm picturing. You said it's a complete composition - But is it? It's nicely done, but in terms of musical composition, it's a fragment, sounding like it's ready to start any moment, but it stays stuck in what sounds like only an opening, hovering there. The start is so abrupt - it just suddenly fades up mid-phrase. I'm sure that's what you need for the game, but for a stand-alone composition, it would need to have an actual opening - a chord or two, and then the melody starting.


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    Re: An Alliance of Deceit

    This was just something I did for fun . It was complete in my perspective, but you are right, to think about it... it is more of a que than a complete composition. I guess this would be like the middle in a complete composition. I'll have to take another round at this one.



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    Re: An Alliance of Deceit

    Now... am I wrong or I am hearing some of those progressions things we were discussing earlier on?
    You are using a IV-V-I here, in Gb minor. That's fourth up - one up - fifth down, all primary. In minor, so they are all minor chords. Last time I forgot to say that the primary fourth up and the secondary fifth up can be reversed. That means that a fourth up is the same as fifth down, and fifth up is the same as fourth down. The effect is the same.

    Anyway. Yes, it is more a "mood" rather than an organic composition... but great arpeggio on the piano, beautiful atmosphere, absolutely nailed. The strings lines are very tasty. You like portamento ... a lot. I do not but it is you to do the writing so it is fine with me!

    Good job!


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    Re: An Alliance of Deceit

    Heheh! You are correct Fab! I did use that same chord progression... it just sticks to me, and my ears love the sound of it. I am working on piece right now to try and come up with something else. I am using the Garritan WI library to get this done. Thanks for the feedback!

    Portamento, I indeed do love the sound of it! I have only learned what it actually was within this last year and a half or so. I have heard the sound before but just never knew what it was. It was one of the main reasons why I purchased the Vienna Strings SE Editions, for that portamento, and I do like the sound of the Vienna strings, it brings a lot of candy to my ears LOL. More of preference I guess because I could have got the other string libraries from different companies with all of the amount I have invested in Vienna now. I am also finding that Vienna and Garritan work very well together. So it's great to get portamento, new strings, and stuff that will work with my Garritan libraries. But... that portamento! It is my new middle name: Richard John Portamento S!!! I just love the sound of the bending transition between notes.

    Thanks again, Fab, for the feedback!



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    Re: An Alliance of Deceit

    Appassionata strings are the dense and thick texture which suits this type of intent for sure! nice choice.

    Maybe just still a bit too bright, it's always hard to mix very different sounds like VSL and your Piano, but the attempt is already so good, I'm confident you will get lot of satisfaction from your enlarged palette of sounds.

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