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Topic: emphasis on solo instruments

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    emphasis on solo instruments

    I am primarily interested in using the orchestral instruments in various configurations for chamber music. The orchestral libraries seem to have heavy representation of orchestral section combinations.

    For perspective let me say that I currently have only AO and for my needs a number of the solo instruments would be good enough if I did not know that today one can do better...particularly I think in strings and brass.

    Is there a way to best spend my money if I am mostly interested in the solo instruments?



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    Re: emphasis on solo instruments

    There\'s been a lot of discussion about solo strings lately. The consensus is that KHSS is the current leader (I own it), and that the new VSL solo string lib will likely be strong as well. Search on KHSS and you\'ll find a good deal of info here.

    There\'s been much less discussion about solo brass. I remember reading something about Project Sam doing a solo brass collection. That would be worth a listen. Quantum Leap Brass is great for jazz and pop, but it\'s not for classical/cinematic. I\'m sure others can add more first hand info here...

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    Re: emphasis on solo instruments

    Check out Garritan Personal Orchestra (GPO). It\'s designed to build any size orchestra including chamber orchestra\'s. Instead of using ensemble brass and woodwind patches with 3 or 4 instruments layered, it gives you the individual instruments to build your own size ensembles. If you want to have only 2 trumpets, you pick 2 different solo trumpets or 2 different ensemble building instruments. The system is quite flexible. Check out the various demos at the www.personalorchestra.com site to get an idea of the various types of music the library can produce.

    GPO is a good starting point. From here you can add other solo libraries plus GPO will have other add-ons in the future.

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    Re: emphasis on solo instruments

    vrsound.com has 2 chairs sampled. I don\'t have the strings personaly but I have piano7 which is awsome and I have the trombone, saxes and vibes. Judging by the instruments I own the strings should be equally amazing.

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    Re: emphasis on solo instruments

    Thanks all for your responses.

    Jon: I am hesitant as a KONTAKT user to buy KHSS until GIGA import gets better.

    Haydn: yes I had that thought and is probably what I will do.

    Maybe I can put the question a little differently:

    There are now orchestral libraries in the $250 to $1000 range that look really terrific. However, the focus has been to provide tools for full orchestra work. On the other hand there seems general consensus that the libraries for just strings, or brass, etc. are \"better\" than the orchestral libraries in that they provide more comprehesive articulation sets, variiety of instruments, etc..

    So I wonder, whether a superior library consisting only of the individual instruments of the orchestra could be produced for the same price point?

    For instance, what could a version of Platinum or VSL consisting only of single instruments be marketed for?


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    Re: emphasis on solo instruments


    could you give me that link again. www.vrsound.com does not work for me.



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    Re: emphasis on solo instruments

    oops! Now I got it. [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: emphasis on solo instruments

    Follow Up:

    At 2:00 I got my cable modem.

    At 3:00 I had lunch.

    At 4:00 I listened to GPO auditions and demos.

    At 5:00 I ordered GPO.

    For the price of three New York dinners for two! Can you believe it?

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