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Topic: Kontakt and GigaStudio

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    Re: Kontakt and GigaStudio

    I have installed on my system, in the same Windows 98SE partition, both the full version of Kontakt 1.1.1 (standalone and VST version) and Gigastudio 2.2. The two programs coexist without any problems (so far), but I can\'t use the standalone version of Kontakt simultaneously with Gigastudio. The programs will both launch without crashing the computer, but the first program launched will grab the audio card (on my system an Aardvark Q10), leaving the second program high and dry. However, I can use Kontakt as a VSTi within Cubase VST 5.1r1 while also running Gigastudio. This arrangement seems to work fine, although I have not pushed it to the max and can\'t say what might happen with a high track count or large numbers of effects.

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    Re: Kontakt and GigaStudio

    I doubt that Kontact is written at the kernal level but that wouldn\'t stop the ability to stream but would probably affect the latency. On one of my machines, the latency of Kontact is not very usable but might be better with a better asio card. (this one is a mixtream wich won\'t allow lower buffer sizes)
    You should be able to use them both if you can disable differing physical outputs on each so that they don\'t conflict or as bluewest mentions, as a plugin in the instrument. Far be it for me to reccomend a giga competitor but I can honestly reccomend it for drum loop and phrase libraries because it does a real nice legato mode and time stretch that Giga currently does not do.

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    Re: Kontakt and GigaStudio

    Thanks David and BluesWest. Much appreciated. By the way, David, I have really enjoyed the Giga Tutorial CDs. Well done and most helpful.
    Jack Meginniss

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    Kontakt and GigaStudio

    As much as I love GigaStudio, I am intrigued by the idea of using Kontakt and GigaStudio on the same machine (but not necessarily at the same time).
    I believe that Native Instruments stated recently that a newer release of Kontakt (available in November) will be able to stream samples from the hard drive. Like GigaStudio, I would think that Kontakt would have to be written to the kernel level to do this.
    Could the installation of Kontakt corrupt the existing installation of GigaStudio - even if they are not used at the same time and installed into separate partitions?
    What would be a good way to run Kontakt given that I am running Sonar 2.0, and GigaStudio?
    Also, is anyone running Kontakt simultaneously with Giga?

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    Re: Kontakt and GigaStudio

    I\'m waiting for the Kontact update in November. If it turns out great, I might be using Kontact much more than Giga, for by using Kontact as a VSTi within Cubase SX, I\'m able to insert VST plug-ins (most important of all, UAD-1\'s Powered Plug-ins) in the sampler\'s audio outs. Currently I can\'t find a way to apply realtime VST effect on Giga\'s audio. (I don\'t want to record them as audio tracks first.)

    (Yesterday I just load the Steinway D into Kontact and insert a Pultec EQ in the channel. It sounded so beautiful when I played. That\'s why I don\'t want to record it as an audio track and add the EQ then.)

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    Re: Kontakt and GigaStudio

    I\'m running the Kontakt demo for 1.1 on a pc with Gigastudio and not noticing any strangeness. Download it from the NI web site and try it out.

    Haven\'t tried to use both at the same time: I only have one hard drive and 512 megs of RAM, so I know what would happen. But the programs seem to coexist without any glitches.

    One nice thing is that Kontakt does load Giga instuments, although slowly, the first time. (Once you save the instrument as a nki file, it loads faster.) You lose release layers and other things, but the basic instuments sound very good in Kontakt, where you can apply eq, alter the stereo spread, increase saturation, compression, etc. All the filters and effects are universal (not dedicated to the currently selected sample), and they\'re easy to apply, once you find your way around the interface.

    It looks as though I\'ll be buying Kontakt, in other words, not as to replace giga but to supplement it and give me variations on the instruments. It\'s far from perfect. Major problems if you try to edit sample sets in Kontakt. (In the demo, at least, zones suddenly go silent if you move one layer of a \"stereo\" set of samples.) But it\'s fine for playing big sound fonts and other sample sets. Try out the demo. My impression is that if the demo works fine for you, the full version shouldn\'t give you any trouble.

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    Re: Kontakt and GigaStudio

    I recently bought Kontakt and I had the complete opposite experience with it.

    On a respectable Mac 667 It struggled with only 32 voices. Screen controls were sluggish and awkward at best.
    With the largest display settings some things were not nearly readable enough.

    I am going to move it to a new PC that I am putting together for it + atmosphere.

    Giga is far less of a cpu hog. Has far greater polyphony and lower latency.
    If they get the editor right in 3.0 I would have to say bye bye to kontakt.

    I could be completely wrong. Wouldn\'t be the first time.

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    Re: Kontakt and GigaStudio


    I agree with the screen thing, but I got a very good result about the polyphony. On my P4-2.4G, 1.5G RAM system, I can load the Post Steinway D and play it without any dropouts before hitting 150 stereo voices, which equals to 300 mono voices, about twice as much as GigaStudio 160 can offer.

    And it sounds just as good.

    And I like the quick editing feature. Don\'t have to go into and out of GSEdit for some trivial tweaking you want just for one project.

    Yet I did find some problem importing some of the *.gig, for example, all the giga format samples in Pure Guitar and Bass Legend.

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    Re: Kontakt and GigaStudio

    Arys, how do you get 150 stereo voices in Kontakt on the Post Steinway without Disk Streaming? Surely there\'s not enough ram to load the whole piano?

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    Re: Kontakt and GigaStudio

    Originally posted by Chadwick:
    Arys, how do you get 150 stereo voices in Kontakt on the Post Steinway without Disk Streaming? Surely there\'s not enough ram to load the whole piano?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I got 1.5G RAM in my system. And I believe that Kontakt has done some memory optimization, cause it only took about 980MB to load the 1G+ Steinway D. Yet when I checked out the task manager, it said there was only 280MB physical memory left for my system. Can\'t do without disk streaming......

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