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Topic: Help I have the problems

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    Help I have the problems

    Hello all the members of the internet committees i am name is Torvald, some call me the Little Maestro, but not now cause the troubles. For saint christmas day my father bought me the gigastudien but when i installed it on my keyboard it said it needed the computers to run it. I was under the notion that you could use gigastudien with a the keyboards of the world. My question is, how do i get gigastudio to work on my Korg keys, my model is the Trytans, also i need to make the music, can i put Vienna Symphonen Libarie on my Korg, or even my Roland. Thankds for the help.

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    Re: Help I have the problems

    Hi Torvald, Gigastudio needs to run on a computer. It will not run on a synth at all.

    Use your synth to send midi commands to your computer, (you\'ll need a midi interface) to trigger the sounds loaded into Gigastudio.

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    Re: Help I have the problems

    Wait for 3.0.

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    Re: Help I have the problems


    Didn\'t the package come with a CD? Giga Studio is a software sampler. You need a decent PC computer to run it. Your keyboard then becomes the master controller to play the samples via your computer having Giga Studio installed. If you were mislead by someone, ask them to consider a second gift to support the first one.

    good luck!

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Help I have the problems

    Hmmmm, I have a niggling feeling that this post is a setup or a joke at our expense.... [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

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    Re: Help I have the problems

    gratitude towards you committee members for such a racing fast responses. the reason i wanted the gigastudien is the reason i heard it was best sampler most of all. i went to my friend Olexander house 2 months before and he showed me how he made the kontakt sampling sound maker work on his k2600xs, he told the me that gigastudien would work on the keyboards as well. i\'d wager that he is false now, because you friends of the music told me the truth reasons. my father was weeping in the study because it did not work, but now i will tell him that all i need is Kontakt to run on my Triton and we can bring the gigastudiens back to the market.
    thank you most

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    Re: Help I have the problems

    Yes, it needs a computer to run it. And a GSIF compatible soundcard. And a second hard drive. And lots of RAM.

    What\'s worse, it needs samples for it to make interesting sounds.

    It\'s like a lump of coal that eats money.

    But it (and other modern samplers) can be used to make great music. What kind of music do you want to make?

    Welcome to this support group for people who feed money to their various lumps of coal. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Help I have the problems

    I curse Olexander for being treacherous, I will have my father call the constables to talk to Oles family in the morning. I\'m glad to hear you tell me the things which are right to hear. I will see if my computer can make use of Gigastudien, but I fear it is not poweful to power the program (gigastudien). I have Halian and EXS24 running on my current now machine, but my father won\'t let me use them because they are only for adults he scolds. I will try to make the gigastudien go for it this evening, thanks again concerned members

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    Re: Help I have the problems

    LOL!!! [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img] Good luck Torvald with Gigastudien!

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    Re: Help I have the problems


    I bet you actually live in New Jersey and set us up for a good laugh. Shame on you to take advantage of the nice disposition of our board members. I\'ll ask your daddy to give you a good spanking tonite!

    Napoleon Buonaparte

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