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Topic: some EWQLSO GOLD music

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    some EWQLSO GOLD music

    There is a new version of \"Pioneers\" intimate demo available for download. I think it\'s much better. Also a fun cue created with GOLD, Vota with 2.0 utility, and Stormdrum. It\'s called \"Silver Giants\" and was done in 5 hours.


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    Re: some EWQLSO GOLD music

    Very cool Nick [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img] , like everything you make!!!

    Is it Sotrmdrum on Silver Giants???

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    Re: some EWQLSO GOLD music

    Silver Giants is excellent. Can\'t wait to get SD.

    Pioneers is WAY better. Those strings are sweet as a nut but I already knew that!

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    Re: some EWQLSO GOLD music

    Wow, Pioneer...Wow...

    I think I\'ve listened to that about 5 times now and I still pick up on some extra beautiful moments I missed before. Those strings are sweet!

    If gold sounds that good then I can\'t wait for my Platinum to come, just a week more hopefully. I just hope I can survive with one computer until funds allow for another.

    Great job Nick!

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    Re: some EWQLSO GOLD music

    Pioneers was very nice Nick.

    Some day, I will get Gold, I think it\'s an excellent deal.

    i can\'t comment on Silver Giants because i hate that style.


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    Re: some EWQLSO GOLD music

    Nick, I\'m curious what violins patch you used in the intro of Pioneers. I like the sound. Is it one of the emotn dxf patches?



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    Re: some EWQLSO GOLD music

    18V sordino emotn for most of the piece, but 18V Sordino Keyswitch in the first 30 seconds.

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    Re: some EWQLSO GOLD music

    Nick, Pioneers really sounds absolutly wonderful, the overall sound of EWQLSO is truely amazing, I can just picture myself in the theater, great work on a excellent product.

    I\'ve been reading a few threads lately here that said the strings on EWQLSO weren\'t that great, I don\'t know what they\'re listening too but they sound absolutly perfect to me and most importantly they blend perfectly with the other instruments.


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    Re: some EWQLSO GOLD music

    It\'s ok to hate that style, I just can\'t quite figure out, myself, what style it is. I\'m torn about the beat on top of the orchestra too, if that\'s what you mean. I was expecting more Imperial March ripoff comments. Thanks for the feedback! Off to NAMM. [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: some EWQLSO GOLD music

    Cool work as usual, Nick! Sounds like you are getting the hang of the strings. It\'s a tough nut. I really like those emotn patches you included in the new update. Perfect for singing legato lines (especially when layered with the solo violin DXF), not to mention all the solo instrument DXFs. Beautiful.


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